Dell Streak 10 Pro with Android 3.1 shows up on benchmark site


With the 10-inch Dell Streak Pro rumored to be joining the Honeycomb tablet fray this summer, it wasn't exactly shocking to find a series of incomplete benchmark results for it while I was digging through GLBenchmark's database last night (admittedly looking for something else).

Four different software builds have been tested in the past month, with the Streak 10 Pro's most recent visit to the GLBenchmark occuring just last week. According to the self-reported results, the Streak 10 Pro (as it calls itself) has been tested with two versions of Honeycomb—Android 3.0.1 and Android 3.1—and is outfitted with an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor (likely the T25) and a 1280 x 752 screen. Previously unconfirmed information has identified the device's screen resolution to be a standard 1280 x 800, but 1280 x 752 is what the tablet sent to the database.


There are more results than what you're seeing here, including CPU performance float and integer results, high-level 3D performance results, and some other numbers that don't mean anything to most people (myself included!). You can check those out for yourself at the link below, but the takeaway here is that the Streak 10 Pro will probably launch with Android 3.1.

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5 thoughts on “Dell Streak 10 Pro with Android 3.1 shows up on benchmark site

  • The screen resolution is 1280×800, same as all Honeycomb tablets so far. Honeycomb uses a persistent status bar in lieu of set buttons like on smartphones. It takes the bottom 48 rows of pixels leaving a usable resolution of 1280×752 for most apps. Honeycomb does (or should in an upcoming release) have introduce a new menu API that allows apps to hide the status bar in favor of functionally equivalent menus, however this has not been widely implemented thus far.

  • If its not 5″, Dell isn’t getting anymore $$ from me.. I can’t believe DJ is spending time modding this thing, taking away from the 5″ streak’s path to glory. I pay you $500 if you throw that dang 7″ tab somebody sent you away… Seriously… yeah I’m bitter : (

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    Dj_Steve doesn’t work for you or dell. He does this for the community out of his own free time. Comments like yours turn developers/modders away from doing their awesome work for people who they don’t even know!

  • I was clearly stating my opinion backed w/ facts from Jenn on how the darn thing can barely be used outside and no enhancement in the camera.There are Indian knockoffs that perform better @ K-Mart. I’m sorry if your butt hurt over my comment, but even MORE SORRY if you purchased one of them… Here’s a e-tissue…

  • There are NOT indian knockoffs that perform better, nor chinese ones… AND StreakDroid will be hitting 2.0 as soon as today, as late as the next few days, GB 2.3.3, so quit whining, especially since it’s unrelated to the post.


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