Dell Streak app quick review: Thumb Keyboard

This quick review was written by Brodie Duncan.

Thumb-kb-review-bdThere are many third-party keyboard apps in the Android Market that work nicely with the Dell Streak. Jenn gave us a quick look at some of them last year (see here) and since talked about what is my personal favorite: Thumb Keyboard.

What I love most about this keyboard is that it is so cleverly designed to help improve accuracy. Since using it, I've only ever misspelled a word once, and that was while  typing a 49-character code. And believe me, I type a lot on my Streak and I do mean a lot.

I worked out that one day, I typed more than 2,500 words, which is around 15,000 characters, with no misspellings. That is pretty good for a thumb typing on an on-screen keyboard in my opinion.

Thumb Keyboard is very customizable and features 7 different layouts: standard, split – large, and split – compact for phones; and 4 layouts for 5", 7" (2 layouts here), and 9-10" tablets. You can also customize the app to use different layouts for portrait and landscape mode. In addition, you get 12 different themes: Honeycomb, iPad, Wood, Glass, Gingerbread, Nuance, Honeycomb City, Digital Red, Galaxy Tab, Black, Windows Phone 7, and Dark/Light Gray. That means you technically 77 different keyboards!

Thumb-kb-qr My personal favorite combo is the 5" tablet layout with the Gingerbread theme. You can use any combination, of course, but I think the 7" or 9-10" tablet layouts make it difficult to type.

If you're looking for a new keyboard for your Streak and haven't already tried it, then I strongly encourage you to spend €1.19/$1.65/£1 on Thumb Keyboard.

Links: Market (Streak) | Market (web)

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