DJ_Steve gets Honeycomb 3.1 running on Dell Streak 7


Ah, it seems DJ_Steve got the help he needed last week. What you're looking at above is a screenshot of his Dell Streak 7 running Honeycomb 3.1 on the latest kernel, and what you'll see below is a video of the sweet tablet-optimized OS in action on graffixnyc's device.

The build is still in its early stages and hounding Steve for a release date will only slow down development; rest assured that it will be released for everyone when it's ready. As the Streak brand's primary (and in some cases only) developer, DJ_Steve certainly has more than enough ROMs to work on in his spare time.

He also hasn't abandoned the original Streak—a new beta of StreakDroid 1.9.1 was just put up a few days ago—so don't panic or mope when progress is made for the Streak 7. The newest member of the family needs some love too.

[@DMonsterProd | xda-developers]
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13 thoughts on “DJ_Steve gets Honeycomb 3.1 running on Dell Streak 7

  • Great job DJ Steave….
    Please make Dell Streak Mini 5′ owners happy, too ….

  • Is 1.9.1 for Streak 5 still in beta? I haven’t seen one anywhere?

  • Avatar of Commanderastig

    That looks good already. I can’t wait to flash that on my streak. Forget gingerbread honeycomb is way cooler. Thanks for all the things you master dj steve.

  • steve u have done an awesome work for dell streak users….keep up the good work

  • thanks steve lookingforward to the release.i know it was hard work and I admire your savvy

  • Avatar of Kartik

    Would honeycomb be possible to install on the Dell Streak 5

  • Avatar of Musicman

    I contacted Dell Streak Mobile Support regarding icecream sandwich update so far Dell does not have the release dates from googles to upgrade our Streak 5, but the phone is upgradable. They also advised its a possibitly but they are not certain until all is released from googles hope that helps

  • Avatar of Vincent Nguyen

    DJ Steve, you are my hero. I mean it a deeply apreciated way. I love that 5 inch screen of the streak 5 no phone have come close to it. and you are doing every streak 5 owner a big favor by making ice cream avalible for streak 5. this is great news for me and all streak 5 owners. one again, great thanks….

  • Avatar of Richard

    Please upgrade software on dell streak 5 as well…. Please….

  • Avatar of Richard

    Make it possible steve for dell streak 5


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