Freemote Control turns BlackBerry PlayBook into mouse and keyboard for remote PC control

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Have a BlackBerry Playbook? Looking for a way to use it to remotely control your PC?

Well, you're in luck because Freemote Control ($0.99, free trial available) turns your PlayBook into a remote mouse and keyboard. The app is full of features, easy to install, and ideal for those who have a PC running MythTV, Windows Media Center, or Boxee attached to their TV. Join me for a quick rundown below.

First, I installed Freemote Control on my PlayBook and downloaded the free proxy server on my PC. Then, I entered my PC's IP address in the proxy server and app's settings. I checked "Connection" and presto, my PlayBook connected to the PC. 

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The app allows you to switch between four modes of operation: Buttons, Quick Nav, Keyboard, and Mouse.


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The TV, music, video, guide, and home buttons worked well for me. However, the weather and browser buttons did not function. This may just be an issue with my PC, but I'm not sure.

Quick Nav

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The quick navigation buttons were also responsive.


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The keyboard was adequate for short text entries but not something you would want to use to compose anything longer than a brief email.


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The mouse was only unresponsive a few of times during my hour or so of testing, which is certainly adequate given the usage scenario.

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It was convenient using the PlayBook to control the PC connected to my TV and this app is definitely worth trying. There are other similar apps in the App World, too, which may be worth a whirl as well.

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