Gameloft: past tense of “come” is profanity

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Apple is borderline ridiculously obsessed with classifying apps as “unsuitably for children under 17”, but you can’t really blame them as it seems that many people almost die of a heart attack if they see the word “crap”. Heck, even web browsers are classified as 17+ because you can Google bad things.  In what I can assume is an attempt to keep the age rating of the game down, Gameloft has included a censoring system to their new MMORPG, Order & Chaos Online.

It seems that their censoring system needs a little bit of tweaking though, as one of the words that get caught in the filter is the past tense of “come”, “came”. Apparently, Gameloft considers it more likely that people will talk about orgasms than bothering to conjugate a verb, which I guess says a bit about what audience they think they have. I tried a few other words that could be misunderstood as well, including “sex”, which was also blocked. “Moron” and “idiot” were not blocked however, so feel free to use those all you want- but don’t you dare conjugate “to come”!

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