Gazelle starts selling used iPad 1s, $330 and up (US only)

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Gazelle is a company that lets you sell your used gadgets to them by mailing them in. They got a massive amount of first generation iPads when the iPad 2 came out, and now they’ve launched an online store to get rid of them (rather than selling them trough other stores). Prices start at $330 for a 16GB Wifi model, going up to $480 for the 64GB 3G model. The iPads are used, but considering the material the iPad is made of (aluminium and glass) most of them hold up fine, and you can return it within 32 days if there are any issues (Google+Reader” target=”_blank”>according to Liliputing, couldn’t find this info on the site). Not everyone needs the updates the iPad 2 bring, so considering you can take the $500 a 16GB Wifi iPad 2 would cost you and quadruple the storage, add GPS and 3G and still have $20 left over for a case, this isn’t bad at all. $330 on the low end is also quite competitive in today’s market, as the iPad 1 is still superior to many low cost tablets.

[Gazelle iPad store]

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