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Why the HTC EVO 3D will probably be released in June

Evo-3d-kingdom Sprint and HTC are as tight-lipped as ever about when the EVO 3D will be available, but it seems very possible—dare I say even incredibly likely—that the dual-core phone will be released next month.

Why? Five reasons, really.

Reason #1. The HTC EVO 4G was announced at CTIA 2010 and released in June. Since the EVO 3D was announced at CTIA 2011, a June 2011 release would make sense. HTC certainly wouldn't be the first company to release next-generation phones at the same time every year.

Reason #2. Yesterday, a ROM that almost certainly belongs to the EVO 3D was leaked by 911SnIpEr, the same site responsible for leaking the Gingerbread update last month. Aside from the fact that people who know what they're talking about say it's true, here's the most damning evidence:

A leaked ROM doesn't automatically start a predetermined countdown for a proper release (we're still waiting on the official Gingerbread update, after all), but I still take it as a good sign. [UPDATE: It has been confirmed that the Kingdom is in fact not the EVO 3D.]

Details Reason #3. Best Buy Mobile is quietly taking preorders for the EVO 3D right now. Clearly, a release is imminent.

Reason #4. I've heard from a few G&E readers that some Best Buy employees are, in fact, casually mentioning a June release when asked for the date by those who are reserving the phone.

Reason #5. The official timeframe for the EVO 3D's release has always been "this summer." June is the first month of summer. Duh.

Barring any unfortunate delays, then, I'd say there's a 1 in 3 chance that we'll see the phone in June (genius, eh?). And that gives me a 33.33% chance of not having to be reminded of this post on July 1st.

Thoughts? Guesses? Other comments? Leave them all below.

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