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HTC EVO 4G gets new wallpapers from 3-year-old HTC Shift UMPC

Htc-shift-wallpapers I recently put myself on a gadget cleansing diet and sold a sizable portion of the UMPC collection I've been building since the tiny computers first entered the market in 2006. Among the purged devices was the HTC Shift, the slide-and-tilt portable PC released in 2008 running Vista and a variant of Windows Mobile 6. You may remember seeing it here on G&E when HTC first filed for the EVO Shift 4G trademark and I was still hopeful that the unknown device would be worth writing about.

Anyway, as I was restoring the Shift to factory condition so I could ship it off to its new owner, I (re)discovered the gorgeous set of 18 HTC wallpapers you see at right. I don't know what kinds of wallpapers you like, but these are the stuff of dreams to me.

I copied the files immediately, of course. And since the Shift and EVO are part of the same HTC family, the wallpapers' first stop was obviously our favorite phone.

Unfortunately, since the HTC Shift has a native resolution of 800 x 480, the wallpapers are also 800 x 480. The standard wallpaper size for the EVO, as you know, is 960 x 800 because of the parallax scrolling.

So if you want these wallpapers adorning your home screens, then you've got two options: 1) stretch the existing images to 960 x 800 on your computer or 2) put the original image as is on your phone and then crop the area you want to use as wallpaper (the stock gallery app will force you to crop, anyway).

Although neither of these options sounds desirable, in truth, they both produce nice results.

Evo-htc-shift-wps (1) Evo-htc-shift-wps (3)

Evo-htc-shift-wps (2)

Evo-htc-shift-wps (4)

Can you tell which one is which? The HTC logo kind of gives it away, but if not for that, I think  both look great.

And since I can't possibly be the only person at G&E who likes these wallpapers, I zipped them up (they're all JPGs) and uploaded them to the site.

Download 'em if you want 'em!

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