HTC Flyer available this weekend in stores

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The 7″ HTC tablet has been available for pre-order for a little while now, but will finally hit Best Buy shelves this weekend on May 22nd. That $500 will be for the Wi-Fi 16GB version, and for those that are itching to get their note-taking skills on, that stylus won’t be included. That my friends, will set you back yet another $80. Now the Flyer certainly seems like a capable little tablet, but let’s be honest, a 7″ tablet running the phone version of Android that will need almost another Benjamin ($100 U.S.) to get access to one of the selling points of the tablet is pretty much stretching it. I don’t understand pricing schemes from some of these companies, but that just seems downright silly. The Transformer which has a beefier processor, bigger and better screen and other bundled features is selling (out basically) for $400. Good luck HTC. At least we know it will be well built.

source: BGR

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