Hands-on the Huawei S7 Slim at Best Buy


I was out at my local Best Buy recently (bought an Acer Iconia Tab A500) and noticed that the Huawei S7 Slim was available and on display. So I spent a good half hour with the Android 2.2 tablet and think that if anyone is in the market for decent tablet for $299, this is worth a look.

I compared it with my Samsung Galaxy Tab and BlackBerry PlayBook, so join me below for more thought and a quick video of the S7 Slim in action.

Huawei announced the S7 Slim at the Mobile World Congress 2011, along with a S7 Pro. True to its name, the S7 Slim is indeed pretty slim and easy to hold.

It was comfortable to use, even though I wasn’t able to fully hold it without Best Buy's security lock. It was very lightweight and even though the screen resolution is only 800×480 and it has a single-core processor (most likely to keep the price down), it has dual cameras, microSD slot, mini HDMI port, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, and GPS that will make it appealing to certain users.


The capacitive touchscreen was very responsive. This is a nice improvement, as older Huawei models had resistive screens.

Holding the S7 Slim in portrait mode was comfortable. I can see using this device for reading eBooks or browsing your favorite news website. The brightness was just a bit lower than my Tab and the viewing angle wasn't as good, but if you're the only one using the device, than that may not matter to you.


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