iLounge reviews “smart” iPad 2 back covers

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The iPad 2 Smart Cover has turned out to be a gold mine not only to Apple, but also accessory manufacturers. You have some more exotic things like Smart Cover laser engraving and Smart Cover sticker skins, but the more common way to make money off the Smart Covers is to make cases that work with them. Pretty much every case manufacturer has come out with back covers that work with the Smart Cover, and it can be quite a pain to choose one- especially since they’re practically identical. iLounge just posted a comparative review of 5 of them, which should go a long way to help people pick one. They posted one review for each case, where the text is the same for all but the pictures vary: United SGP Griff, Speck SmartShell, iLuv Smart Back Cover, Incipio Smart Feather, iFrogz BackBone

There are other choices out there too but they are more or less identical. At some point, someone has to break it to the guy on Kickstarter who is trying to get one of these things funded.

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