Kickstarter spotlight: iRemoco

iRemoco is a kickstarter project that essentially take two existing concepts and slaps them together using software. IR controlled small remote controlled helicopters have been around for ages and you can get them for $20 these days. At the same time, IR adapters for iOS devices are more than plenty these days, intended for controlling appliances. The iRemoco slaps these together, giving you an IR adapter that controls a remote control helicopter.

The pre-order option is $99, which seems a bit high, until you look closer at the project. The helicopter is clearly better quality than the before-mentioned $20s, and both it and the IR adapter are rechargeable over USB (the IR adapter has a battery as to not drain the iOS device). Worldwide shipping is also included, which is great. The software will be available for both iPhone and iPad, and you’ll be able to control the helicopter with motions controls. There are also plans to bring more toys to market that use the same adapter. I’m on the edge of pledging myself, and with $5k og the goal of $28k raised in just a couple of days this is one project that is likely to happen (unlike the last few I’ve pledged to…).

[Project page]

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Andreas Ødegård

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