Merriam-Webster releases free English dictionary for iPad

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Due to using my iPad for school (where I study English), I bought the Oxford Deluxe app for the iPad as soon as I got the thing, regardless of the $55 price tag. Other dictionary aren’t as advanced, even though they are definitely cheaper. Now that has changed it seems, as Merriam-Webster just released a free (ad-supported) iPad app which so far actually seem to have more features than the Oxford Deluxe app. While I haven’t checked all that many words, they seemed to be pretty evenly matched on the ones I did try. Both have built in audio pronunciation , but Merriam-Webster also has built in audio search, making it easier to search for words you can pronounce but not spell. With it being free, Merriam-Webster is definitely the way to go from what I’ve seen so far. It’s simply awesome to have a dictionary like this available for free.

[iTunes via TUAW)

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One thought on “Merriam-Webster releases free English dictionary for iPad

  • I downloaded it right away, works great ! Works better than the free I phone app I was using.


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