Mini USB adapter for iPad review

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Most people need more than one type of cable to get by these days, and that can be both confusing and take a lot of space in a travel bag. One solution is to carry one master cable and several adapters. One such adapter comes courtesy of our Chinese friends at DealExtreme, costs $2.50 shipped worldwide and lets you charge and sync your iPad (or other 30 pin Apple device) with a miniUSB cable.

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This is a physical adapter that turns the Apple 30 pin connector into a miniUSB connector. Pair it with a miniUSB cable and perhaps a couple more adapters and you have suddenly saved a bit of space in your bag. The price is excellent, build quality is OK, and it’s sufficiently small to make it worthwhile. Not much to “review” in other words, with one exception.

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Whenever I order any sort of cable from cheap sites in China, I have concerns about the quality of the soldering, wiring etc. The last thing I want to do is to have a $2.50 adapter damage a $1000 iPad. That’s why I took this thing apart before I even attempted to use it. Luckily the internals look very good; they  use a proper circuit board to connect the two connectors, meaning that there’s no chance of loose wires or anything like that. The solder points also looked good, with no runaway drops of solder anywhere. All in all it looks just like something a brand name company would spit out, which is great!

So, there you have it. A cheap adapter that is unlikely to kill your iPad- not bad, right? Perhaps not the most exciting accessory in the world, but I’m sure that someone out there will have a use for it. It won’t exactly break your bank either.

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