NEC LifeTouch W has two screens, 1/4 feature set

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It seems like every time someone tries to be innovative, they focus so much on a single feature that they forget the rest. That is also the case with the NEC LifeTouch W, a dual screen Android tablet that looks good (ugly, but good) in the picture, until you check the spec sheet.

Yes, it has two screens, but they’re both 7″ 600×800. That means that their combined resolution is less than the 1280×800 10.1″ screens on Honeycomb tablets these days- and they’re even resistive rather than capacitive, which is very bad. The Arm Cortex A8 CPU is outdated, the 384MB RAM too low, 1GB of storage simply ridiculous and Android 2.2 is yesteryear’s news. It does have a 3mpix camera, USB port, SDHC slot and GPS, though with a battery life of 5 hours it’s likely to shut down before you can use many of those features. It literally makes me cringe when I think of the impact on the environment that such incredibly useless pieces of crap have.


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Andreas Ødegård

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