Poll: Will you buy the 10-inch Dell Streak Pro?


Dutch site Tweakers reportedly obtained some additional details and the photo you see above of the upcoming Dell Streak Pro, the 10-inch WXGA Android tablet last seen putting up benchmark scores from its Honeycomb 3.1 build. Corroborating previous launch date rumors, the latest info indicates a June release, which means the device could be in your hands as early as next month.

But do you want it there?

Contrary to last month's roadmap leak that identified the CPU powering the device as NVIDIA's Tegra T25 (possibly clocked at 1.2GHz), it now seems that the Streak 7's 1GHz Tegra T20 will be used instead. Other rumored specs include 1GB of RAM, up to 64GB flash storage expandable with an SDHC card, 2MP front and 5MP rear cameras, Dell Stage 2.0, WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, and 12-hour battery life. An assortment of accessories that include a media dock, folio-style case with built-in keyboard, and charging adapter is also rumored to be available.

There's no new info on price, so for now all we have to go on is the leaked document from a few months ago that showed Dell's 10-inch Honeycomb tablet launching for $499.

So let's just say for argument's sake that all of this is true. Will you buy it?

There's supposedly some talk of the possibility of LTE connectivity courtesy of AT&T being included, but considering what a terrible match the two companies have been for anything related to the 5" Streak, I would think Dell would rather go out of business than work with the carrier again. Then again, with the possibility of AT&T's LTE network going live as early as June 30th, I suppose anything could happen.

My Motorola Xoom is serving my 10-inch Honeycomb 3.1 needs very well, but I still plan to get the Streak Pro on launch day, even if only for the purpose of this site.

[Tweakers via Phandroid]
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39 thoughts on “Poll: Will you buy the 10-inch Dell Streak Pro?

  • I think that the Asus EEE Pad Transformer is the best 10″ on the market at the moment but that is just my opinion, however if the Dell Streak Pro can match the specs as the Asus i would still go with the Asus.
    It seems as though Dell have put their Tablet/Smartphone department at the back seat.
    The Streak should already be on Gingerbread and the Streak 7 should already be on Honeycomb and the Streak Pro should be out of this world for a 10″ Tab, it shouldn’t have the same specs as the Streak 7.
    I own a Streak 5 and i love it but i cant help but feel cheated by Dell and their marketing.
    Let me know what you think!

  • For $500, I would try iPad 2. Never been to Mac devices, and I am tired of Windows and Android maintenace efforts.
    I love my Streak 5, but this 1.6 story… we do not have that mauch lifetime left to burn updates and worry about backups, freezes and reinstalls.

    That is, if I EVER need a tablet. I do not want to buy anything… happy now as it is…

  • (maybe)
    Love my Streak 5, had no use for Streak 7, always wanted a tablet in the 10″ range, but I don’t see anything special about the Streak 10 that “1up”s the competition. I like the stage ui and for a decent price it might be worth it, but at $500, I may just wait to see what else is out (or coming out) with better specs.

  • We bought an Ipad 2 base model ($499)for our kids and love it. I do have a Streak 5 and its purpose became more profound as a wifi hotspot when we need it. The kids love the ipad. I’m no Apple product fan, but we went with ipad because of the educational app support (as witnessed by countless local school systems and universities adopting the platform for in class use). It was a no brainer really.

  • I love my Dell Streak Mini 5, but disappointed at the same time like so many others. Dell has made it very clear that they are not interested in supporting it. I bought mine as soon as I read that 2.2 Froyo had a custom ROM developer for it. Turns out that ONE dev is ALL it ever has had; one custom ROM dev and a corporation resting on its laurels when it comes to GB (God forbid Honeycomb, it is a 5″ TABLET). Especially in light of the recent Android ClientLogin issue, where Google has to fix it’s server side code even though they patched Gingerbread 2.3.4. Well, do you know who has GB 2.3.4?? Not DELL. Maybe if they released the drivers so Cyanogen’s crew could port CM7, but we’ve all been waiting on that. Well, my iPad 1 is getting old (no video editing, FFC, etc) and I soon need a new tablet. Sorry Dell, it will not be yours. No one really cares about the “Dell Stage”, if they did it would be ported to the Nexus One. Congratulations HTC or maybe Samsung.

  • Avatar of Stahlseele

    10″ is too big, that’s nor portable enough any more . .
    6″ with a really small bezel would be the maximum for me, MAYBE 6.5″ . .

  • Avatar of Captain America

    10″ or 7″ tablets are not really for me. If I can’t put it in my pocket, I see no reason not to go with a 12″ <3lb notebook. Not the toys with the Intel Atom processor, but one with the low power Intel I-3s, better if the 2nd gen. Get Linux running on it and you have a serious system without the limitations of a tablet.

    I'm no Intel fan, but with many vendors now offering such notebooks around $500, why bother with a 10" tablet? I have been using pocket computing devices for over a decade. I started with a Psion 3c, upgraded to a Psion 5mx, then a Sharp Zaurus SL-6000 and now have a HTC Aria on Android 2.1.

    The Aria and Android exceeded my expectation, for a truly pocketable device. But for me, remove the small form factor and the value proposition of the tablet + Android (or iOS) take a steep dive.

  • typing from my transformer right now…. I have to agree. You can’t beat the price either.

  • Avatar of JrDemaskus

    Both of my kids have their own laptops. I will not replace our PC when it goes. I will want a 10″ to 15″ tablet to sit on the couch with. Dont need one now, so it is hard to know what I will want. But it will have to do everything my PC does now, play games on facebook seems to be the next hurdle. Peace

  • I love my 5″ Streak. I would love to have a 10″ tablet for home ease of use, but for $500, I would buy an Ipad 2, or whatever the latest device that streams Netflix!

    I’m so disappointed in Netflix right now because I cannot legally stream netflix on the 5″ streak.

    That is my biggest complaint… I love netflix and I love my 5″ streak, but why can’t someone with a higher pay grade than me and obviously smarter than me resolve this simple issue?

    I won’t buy another phone until something comes out better than the streak 5″. Hopefully the rumored “Opus One” will, but we’ll see.

    I agree with the above posts that talk about Dell tablets being on the back burner when in fact they “could” be burning up the tablet sales, if only they had support from the manufacturer. I agree we should have gingerbread on the Streak already, but once again, I’m not that smart.

    just my 2 cents. take it or leave it.

  • Ditto what Cameron and Nick said. Personally I think Dell should focus more on developing the Streak 5. Everyone who see’s mine loves it yet never heard of it which obviously means Dell does not do enough to market the Streak of any size. In my opinion Dell could have blown away the competition had it marketed the Streak 5 adequately at launch and then continually developed it aggressively. But what do I know… I’m just a consumer who is willing to spend money on these products….. (Listen to your consumers Dell and stop throwing fast balls and striking out at the same time)

  • Avatar of graffixnyc

    I’ll pass.. Dev support for the streak 5, 7 is horrible. We have one great dev DJ_Steve While other tabs have MANY devs. I have the streak 7 and an Asus Transformer, Now if dell did in fact put the 1.2 chip in there, if it was as thin as the samsung tab coming out and there was going to be dev support I would go for the streak 10. There is no way this is going to be able to compete with the transformer, and especially the new galaxy tab tha’s coming next month as well. Dell just doesnt seem to ever get it right. They always leave something that has us scratching out heads asking “Why dell?, why?” Battery life on the streak 7, screen resolution, going back and forth, it’s going to get honeycomb, it’s not going to get it, it is going to get it. They always seem like they are 2 steps behind everyone else

  • Nope. For a couple reasons.
    1. Too big to place in your pocket.
    2. If at&t has anything to do with it, DEFINITELY not.
    After getting the 5″ streak in October last year, I was
    told by at&t the 2.2 was “coming soon”. Got tired of them
    and flashed it myself in December. AT&T treated the streak
    like a b*stard step child, and Dell’s site didn’t really push
    it either.
    Maybe now that the iphony isn’t just for at&t, they will get their
    heads out of their rears and push android.
    The problem that some carriers have, is once they release a device,
    they don’t want (for obvious reasons) to update it with more features, so they can get the yearly or semi-yearly churn going to
    lock you into a new contract, which, is why I got mine off contract and unlocked. At least I get to keep the “unlimited” data until the deathstar changes it.

  • I toyed with the idea of a tablet before I got my Streak 5, but now I couldn’t care less. I am happy that I can slide the Streak in my pocket, and there’s nothing a larger device would do for me better. When I see people carrying around 7+ inch tablets I can’t help but laugh…

  • my transformer is being delivered today, its pretty funny all us streak users happen to all like the transformer as well.

  • Amen !!!! I too have a streak 5 and also feel cheated. Dell has the worse customer service I have ever seen.

  • I don’t have a Transformer, but I do have a new Xoom I just got yesterday.
    I feel extremely cheated by the poor support provided by Dell/AT&T…even more so than my disappointment with Samsung’s ability to get updates out for their devices (I do like my Vibrant but never again will I buy another Samsung product). I still love my Streak, but I do wish Dell/AT&T had fulfilled the committment for support that we all expected…and definitely deserved.

  • dell streak is a nice phone but, the software support sucks and im undder no circumstances buying the 10inch streak, also i have stopped 2 of my friends from not buying it. i had an ipad and have iphone, iphone 3gs, iphone 4 they all work very well. but streak hardware may be guud but software sucks…

  • Hey Dell, with friends like AT&T, who need enemies?
    Learn to sell unlocked devices at competitive prices like Asus.

  • Avatar of I don't care for Dell

    Seriously, after dealing with Dell Streak major debacle who would want to do business with Dell? I understand that AT&T is to blame, but come on Dell being totally silence didn’t help your image.

  • Streak 10 is NOT launching. !

  • AT&T may have been to blame for Froyo, but what is the hold up on Gingerbread?! Blast you Dell!!!!!

  • I agree, and I need it to be a phone convergence device.

    I will look into a larger tablet sized device when color e-paper becomes viable, for reading .cbr and .cbz comics out of doors. Mirasol displays may hit the market soon and we will see how good those are.

  • Avatar of Robin White

    I love my Streak 5. However I think Dell are copying Samsung and trying to get away with doing as little as possible to upgrade the software. I bought a 7″ Nook Color for £163 & at that price it is very good value for money.

    The 10″ Streak is another “me too” device & I don’t see it being aggressively priced or aggressively supported by Dell.

    Hence I have decided I rather have a laptop that can become a tablet (e.g. thinkpad x201t)

  • I would buy two more Streak 5s… does that count? ;)

    Love, love, love my Dell Streak 5. (altho the screen is wonky from time to time).

    Can’t wait for the new 5″ model coming out this fall as I remember.

    10″…. why? I have a 10″ samsung netbook that I never use… 10″ is too big to carry around.

  • I have my streak 5 and my galaxy tab with full phone feature activated not sure what use a 10 inch tablet would be to me. The 12 hour battery life for streak 10 is a big plus.

  • Avatar of David Jones

    No, not for me.
    I love my 5″ streak!
    But for a tablet I have an Asus eee slate (ep121) 12″ screen running windows 7 on an i5 processor, touch screen, and digitizer pen (it converts handwriting to text), and it all works good and it is fast.

  • Avatar of scott.fontenot

    As Director of a little think tank in Bangkok I developed the habit of always planning personal productivity a year or two out. It was my duty to try new stuff and advise leaders and staff. That was fun!

    Smaller budget today, same habit.

    We lease servers, desktops and laptops from Dell. So, I waited patiently to replace my big HTC with a little Dell Streak. Has worked well, 80% of my working there. Laptops used only to dictate longer pieces and do finances.

    So, really wanted to try doing all my work with tablet and PDA/phone, and no windows. Couldn’t wait, running a Xoom and Streak! Love it. With stand and keyboard for Xoom most writing there too.

    So, I will soon hand off the Xoom and try the 10″ Dell tablet with the 5″ Streak. If that works we will equip associates much the same.

    So, 10″ WIFI Tablet and 5″ Streak, using Google Apps in place of in-house servers, and we are ‘post-pc’! replacing Quicken.

    Fun time!

  • I’ll pass and just waitntill the second gen. Dtreak 5 comes out, get my moneys worth with a pocket tablet that makes phone calls, if I was thinking going for a bigger tablrt be asus transformer cant beat the price for something like

  • Have to agree with the marketing and handling of all things Dell. I have heard a familiar sounding rumour: If you are expecting a June release do not hold your breath. That was the original estimated release date. That has now been pushed into July…for China/HK. Europe and US will have to wait even longer.
    Sounds like they have these Streak Launch processes perfected.

    Whenever it does make it’s debut, it is a sleak looking tablet and they will definitely be getting my money.

  • I would gladly buy either the 7 or the 10 even at $500 if only either one was a hybrid like the Streak 5. If either tablet could be used as a phone like the 5, then absolutely. Until then however, I love the real estate my streak 5 has and will be definitely be holding onto that until another phone this size shows up.

  • Avatar of fone_fanatic

    i’m on the same boat. dealing with dell was horrible from the start with ordering the streak5. reps didn’t understand what a subsidized price was and were attempting to add 250 to the off contract price when they were supposed to deduct it. took several phone calls and a few dm’s to @dellcares to get it right. now with the horrible support i’m getting because my screen shattered, which is a manufacturing fault well documented in all the forums, i’ve given up with dell. also their extremely delayed updates makes the good hardware specs not even worth it. I bought a transformer (typing this from it now) and love it!

    so long dell. you may be the first corporation to have a social media response center, but with no substance to support your customers, I don’t see you lasting long in this emerging market.

  • Avatar of Robin White


    And you believe Dell when they say 12 hour battery life?

    I reckon that 12 hours will include at least 4 hours of sleeping :(

    Seriously I would wait for them to hit the shelves and you can then see what real world battery life is like. I believe the Streak 7 is pretty atrocious in that respect.

  • I just wish Dell would lose the propritary connectors. How about just using an USB connector Dell. And no special chargers, I already have a drawer full of useless charges from old cell phones.

  • I went through 4 dell streak 5s since the initial launch in august 2010. after lots of yelling, Dell returned the phone, credited my dell preferred credit account back to $0, AND they reversed my contract on my phone line so I can purchase another phone at the promo price. Screw Dell.

  • Yea dell should have known what they were getting into before they entered the mobile market without thinking about customer support directly for the phone

  • Avatar of saravanan

    Never a next product from Dell. Hereafter i have planned to go only for google devices.


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