Poll: Will you buy the 10-inch Dell Streak Pro?


Dutch site Tweakers reportedly obtained some additional details and the photo you see above of the upcoming Dell Streak Pro, the 10-inch WXGA Android tablet last seen putting up benchmark scores from its Honeycomb 3.1 build. Corroborating previous launch date rumors, the latest info indicates a June release, which means the device could be in your hands as early as next month.

But do you want it there?

Contrary to last month's roadmap leak that identified the CPU powering the device as NVIDIA's Tegra T25 (possibly clocked at 1.2GHz), it now seems that the Streak 7's 1GHz Tegra T20 will be used instead. Other rumored specs include 1GB of RAM, up to 64GB flash storage expandable with an SDHC card, 2MP front and 5MP rear cameras, Dell Stage 2.0, WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, and 12-hour battery life. An assortment of accessories that include a media dock, folio-style case with built-in keyboard, and charging adapter is also rumored to be available.

There's no new info on price, so for now all we have to go on is the leaked document from a few months ago that showed Dell's 10-inch Honeycomb tablet launching for $499.

So let's just say for argument's sake that all of this is true. Will you buy it?

There's supposedly some talk of the possibility of LTE connectivity courtesy of AT&T being included, but considering what a terrible match the two companies have been for anything related to the 5" Streak, I would think Dell would rather go out of business than work with the carrier again. Then again, with the possibility of AT&T's LTE network going live as early as June 30th, I suppose anything could happen.

My Motorola Xoom is serving my 10-inch Honeycomb 3.1 needs very well, but I still plan to get the Streak Pro on launch day, even if only for the purpose of this site.

[Tweakers via Phandroid]
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