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Poll: Will you buy the HTC EVO View 4G?

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The HTC EVO View 4G may not generate the same level of interest as the EVO 3D does, but after spending the last several days with the HTC Flyer, the WiFi-only carrier-less variant of the tablet now available at Best Buy for $499, I really think it should.

It doesn't have top-end features like a dual-core processor or 3D, but with a tablet-optimized version of HTC Sense 2.1 (very similar to Sense 3.0 for phones), Gingerbread 2.3.3, 32GB built-in storage expandable with a microSD card, 1GB RAM, 4000mAh battery, unique capacitive digital pen (sold separately), and 7-inch 1024 x 600 touchscreen, it's a truly awesome device. I've had the Flyer in hand since Friday and have been forcing myself to put it down so I could get some sleep.

With 4G, a much sleeker black casing, and of course the EVO name, the View 4G is going to be even better. I personally can't wait for its release now that I've been able to spend some quality time with the Flyer, but what about you? Will you buy the EVO View when it's released this summer?

I know some people think a 7-inch device belongs in no-man's land—too big for a pocket, too small compared to the 10-inch tablets that you may as well carry around instead—but it really hits a sweet spot for me. I have a Motorola Xoom (mine), iPad (baby girl's), and iPad 2 (husband's) in my house and find that they're all too big for me to use comfortably for an extended period of time. A smaller tablet is easier for me to hold, whether with one or two hands, and is more comfortable to use on the couch and around the house.

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And as a big fan of HTC Sense, I also find the UI on the Flyer/EVO View 4G to be downright gorgeous and lovely to use. I had a Samsung Galaxy Tab that I ended up selling after months of non-use and I have a Dell Streak 7 that I currently use primarily because of StreakSmart, my Dell Streak site, and the Flyer/View blows them both out of the water.

I'm headed out to California today to spend some time with the folks at CrowdGather and decided to leave my Xoom at home in favor of the Flyer. I'm also taking a handful of phones (EVO included, of course) and my travel computer (MacBook Air), but I expect the Flyer to get a ton of use. It's seriously the most enjoyable 7-inch Android tablet I've ever used. I want the EVO View 4G now!

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35 thoughts on “Poll: Will you buy the HTC EVO View 4G?

  • not really a point without Honeycomb… it was outdated before it was released… I am looking into the new Samsung tab… the 10.1″
    I’m not going to purchase one for a while so I will see what they roll out with next

  • I am really interested in the Evo View…

    What I’m NOT interested in is the additional plan to use it. I think I may be better off just buying a wi-fi only HTC Flyer.

    I’m not too fond of paying for another plan when I have one for my phone. I mean, I dont think I’ll use a tablet enough to contribute a monthly investment for a new(and additional) plan.

  • Personally I want a tablet the same size as the Xoom, or Ipad, I’m probably going to buy the Xoom but I would much rather buy another HTC product, I was happy with my Hero, love my Evo and would like a full sized tablet, not just an oversized ‘phone’

  • The View 4G is pretty tempting for sure. I’ve got an iPad 1 now, an Asus eeePad Transformer on order (with Keyboard dock!), so I’m not sure where the View 4G will fit in. I pay for Sprints 4G hotspot service on my EVO 4G already, so I agree with Abraham that having to pay for another data service is pretty daunting. It’s a shame that I can’t pay for one 4G connection and use as many devices as possible on that one pipe. Hopefully someday!

  • For those that can live with a little bit of messing around with their device, the Nook Color is a surprisingly capable tablet (when loaded with Cyanogen 7) in the same 7″ form factor.

  • Got the asus transformer about 2 weeks ago and absolutely love it. So no View for me.

  • I wasn’t very happy with the Xoom. After a while the thing got heavy. I know that sounds weird…

  • Read James Kendrick at ZDNet. He states the following on his twitter account about the HTC Flyer (HTC EVO View):

    “The HTC Flyer is best tablet I have used to date. Covers Android Honeycomb, Froyo, Gingerbread & Playbook. About equal w/iPad.”

    His twitter account is @jkendrick.

    His initial hands-on with the HTC Flyer can be found here:;content

  • thanks kstagg for the link, I have the Ipad 1 which my daughters have taken ownership, have been looking for a replacement. I would like an Android this time but have not been impressed with whats out, good to see HTC can do tablets, will also look in to the Asus as well.

  • I picked up an Acer Iconia A500, and it is awesome.

    I don’t know why anyone would buy the Flyer, unless they were really pumped for the Scribe/Stylus stuff that’s included, but from videos that I’ve seen it looks extremely unimpressive.

  • Jenn,
    have you had any issues running it off of a 3g/4g hotspot like the Overdrive or EVO when not around a wifi?

    glad to read that you like the Flyer, i’ve been teetering on the edge, but hearing you are having trouble putting it down is a definite pro. Now if you also post that when you get your View (4G) you will be giving the Flyer away via random drawing on here, that might be yet another reason to “wait” a little longer. :)

  • Avatar of Bill Mitchell

    Um, it’s a big EVO and I already have an EVO.

  • Sam 10.1 here too! But I still want a usb port, not a dongle and a Micro SD slot.

  • I’ll be waiting to see what HTC has up its sleeve come holiday season. The android tablet market is still too infantile for me right now. Bought Moto Xoom Wifi at launch enjoyed it but ultimately returned it. I’ll be ready by fall or Xmas…. Can’t see buying a tab with less power than my Evo 3D will have especially not a $500 (+80 for the pen) when I could just get a Xoom or a Sammy Tab 10.1(or 8.9 eventually for that matter). Seems like a great tab tho

  • It really needs 2 more features for me.

    First, a flash to go with the camera.

    Second, a phone number so it could make calls so I could drop the EVO 4G. I would like to use a BT HF wrist watch device or a very small hand held equivalent device so calls could be made with Tab in my front pocket. I sure like battery life on NookColor better than EVO. Sure hope Flyer/View has similar good battery life as Nook.

    I have been carrying a NOOKColor this way for months and that works for me. Jenn, I agree with you on the 7″ form factor. Try to put a Zoom or iPad in your purse.

    Any others out there that agree???

  • I won’t be getting one, but it probably has more to do with not wanting a tablet at all right now. I haven’t seen enough exclusive features on them that my Evo or Laptop can’t do (and no I don’t need an e-reader). I do think the view is just a bigger Evo, so Honeycomb or better is a must. I’ll just wait till years end when tablets I saw at CES will begin to come out with features like RF blasters, smarter stylus’ and more.

  • Sorry but the flyer is a joke. I went in to BB ready to buy one and was turned off right when I picked it up. 2.1 is not the problem its the painfuly slow processor that kills it. The xoom, iconia and transformer are all better imo. Very lack luster product for HTC to put out. Transformer is on order now….

  • Avatar of Eight0Eight

    I personally like the 7″ form factor. Very mobile. I use these smaller tablets mostly for browsing, emails, entertaining, and keeping the kids away from my EVO!

    Test drove a Dell Streak 7, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, simultaneously…kept the Tab mostly b/c of screen/price.

    I would get the Flyer, not the View. I like what I see on the HTC Tablets, but don’t need another service plan. I can wait til price drops (if ever), or if I brick the GTab.

  • Still on the fence. I am really interested in the VIZIO tablet since it has the RF blaster and will supposidly work with the VIZIO TV’s with internet. But they are still quiet on the hardware android version and release date.

  • Have had the A500 for about a week now (rooted) & love it. There’s a healthy XDA forum on it also. I wanted to wait for the HTC but couldn’t.

  • I think the ultimate tablet will be when HTC comes out soon with the Grandpappy of tablets: 10in Flyer with dual core, dual cameras, Gingerbread OR (hopefully) Honeycomb, built in 32gb (expandable with SD card to another 32/64gb), newest Sense, and the pen.

    This will be an iPad killer.

  • Avatar of techgeek32

    You might want to try it first. I had a Xoom and hated Honeymoon. The Sense UI on the Flyer is more intuitive and logical. Oh, and it has an active digitizer. Does the Xoom have that?

  • Ha! ^ this is my exact situation. Although I’m no fan of Asus they burned that bridge a long time ago.

  • Avatar of bk w/ bloody sauce

    I tell you, I just love my Adam by Notion Ink, it’s even better now that cyanogen is on it. It really is a great tablet, too bad for them that they don’t get the publicity these others do.

  • Can live without Honeycomb if need be, but this thing is just way too much money for a single core device. Can buy a dual core 10″ for less than this which doesn’t make sense. Sure…you can factor in the pen, but how much more is that really worth? As much as another processing core and 3″ more of screen? I think not.

  • No… I think I’ll wait for the Galaxy Tab 8.9…

  • Yes for the car and with data to stream music and GPS with traffic bye bye netbook with data card and it’s bulk, mouse, slow boot up, wires. Try passing a netbook around the car for passengers to use it as a jukebox or zoom in on a satellite image. Plus bring it in the house and it is a really smart wi-fi phone.

  • I tried one at best buy for about 20 minutes… Good quality, way too small to be usable, and the thing acted kinda flakey. Plus, that pen is sort of stupid. It does not work with the menu, or most things on the device in general. It only works IN certain programs, and what’s even worse is that when in those programs, you are forced to use the stylus… How does that work?

    I don’t really like the device at all, and am disappointed in HTC overall. They are way behind in the tablet market. They have the brains and the money to kick steve jobs right in the vagina, and steal ipad market share, but they are rushing to market with half baked products like the EVO View, with a half baked version of gingerbread…

    I will hold out for a better 10.1″ tablet with honeycomb.

    On the plus side, it is a well built device, and at $499, it’s not very expensive either.


  • Avatar of Doug Fiedor

    Nope, I won’t buy it. For one thing, the price is too high.

    However, they did a nice job and it looks really slick!

    I’m holding out for the 10″ tablet. Judging by the 7″, the big one should be really cool!

  • Although this device looks awesome, in order for me to feel justified in buying it at the price it is, it would have to a dual core processor, 32GB internal memory, slightly better display resolution (although it is quite good), the pen & a case included, and perhaps a replaceable battery. For me to get the full use of this device, I’d have to have the pen and the case with the pen holder on the side. The version in the UK has both the pen and a case on the Flyer at not additional cost. Also, I am a long time Sprint customer with an EVO 4G with the mobile hotspot feature activated and I intend on buying the EVO 3D with it as well. So, I do not need another 3G/4G device. Now if Sprint offers a Wi-fi only version, I think it would give folks like me options. BUT…. I have to go back to my initial comments, I’d like to see better specs. I am not so concerned about Honeycomb because I really dig the Sense UI on Android 2.3.x.

  • Question: Does anyone know if the HTC Flyer has any telephony / VoIP capability? I’d like to use Skype, Google Voice/Chat, or QIK with it if I was to buy it.

  • Make the price $449 including the pen and we’ll talk

  • yes it has Skype – and for the other person who asked about its tethering, mine is constantly tethered to my EVO and it’s lightning fast!


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