Possible photos of next iPhone leak, potentially confirm rumors


Ah yes, iPhone rumors. The perpetual annoyance that maybe one time out of ten (or more) turns out to be true. I usually try to steer clear of rumors, especially ones that are Apple related, but this particular one has a bit more credibility than most and is at least somewhat plausible and interesting.

As you can see, the image above appears to be an iPhone with almost no bezel on the side. This combined with the smaller looking icons implies a larger screened device. The home button also looks slightly different and could potentially be the capacitive button that has also been rumored. Most interesting to me are what appear to be two camera lenses on the back of the device, which could mean the phone will be able to take photos and videos in 3D.

These rumors are all interesting, but how likely are they to be true? I think it has a bit more credibility than your average Apple rumor for a couple reasons, the main being that it comes from a "trusted" source: case manufacturers. These manufacturers already have a bit of credibility thanks to the fact that they correctly predicted the iPad. Not only that, but we have already heard rumors similar to this one in the past. The more rumors that line up, the more believable they become. 

Of course, we won't know anything for sure until Apple decides to announce the next generation of their flagship phone. Still, it's occasionally fun to speculate about what they're doing and see how they may be reacting to the plethora of competing smartphones.

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Aaron Orquia

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