Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 reviewed

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What have we here? The guys over at BGR have their hands on the new tablet from Samsung and put it through the ringer for the week. They had mainly positive things to say about the tablet itself, which included everything from excellent built quality, to a thin (extremely) and light device in itself. So yeah, it’s an awesome tablet. Of course, this was pretty much a rightfully deserved roasting session for the Android OS itself. The reviewer noted how often the system crashed, apps didn’t install, sluggishness despite the dual core processor, and the lack of worthy apps in the market at all (seriously, there’s a reason you haven’t seen many Android app reviews here). Basically, 3.1 can’t come soon enough, and it better bring some serious improvements. All in all, a solid review and one definitely worth checking out unless you are a huge Android fan and don’t like seeing your baby called names. Heck, they basically said NOT to buy an Android tablet for a while unless you’re a die hard Android fan.

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