Third-party calendar app available for BlackBerry PlayBook

BB PlayBook Calendar App

While we wait for the official calendar app from RIM for our BlackBerry PlayBooks, here's something from App World to help us keep track of our appointments in the meantime. It's called Scheduler and it's pretty basic, but if you absolutely need a calendar on your PlayBook right now, then this should do. I thought the official calendar app shown at BlackBerry World seemed a bit watered down, but I still plan to give it a try when it's released. For now, I'll use Scheduler for simple reminders.

Here you see a quick view of the Calendar app. You can only use it in landscape mode, a trend I am noticing in PlayBook apps.

I actually don't mind using the PlayBook in landscape mode. For some reason, it just feels great like this. In contrast, I use my Galaxy Tab in portrait mode about 90% of the time. The way the devices were designed sort of dictates their primary orientation, though, so I guess this is not surprising.

One thing I hope to see the developer add to this app in a future update is the ability to sync with your Google Calendar.

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6 thoughts on “Third-party calendar app available for BlackBerry PlayBook

  • The designer of Scheduler should fix the comma so that it is aligned to the name of the month, not to the year.

    I’d be appalled if something I created was released with such a blatant error.

  • It does look pretty rudimentary, but I guess if it’s all that’s available. And that comma misplacement is pretty bad.

  • is it not available anymore? i just got my playbook and it doesnt appear in app world!! help!

  • Like Erika disappointed that the app seems to have been withdrawn. What has happened to it?

  • Avatar of a10cowgirl

    where can I download this app? I can not find it through numerous searches.

  • It seems that the developer for the calender app I reviewed has removed the app. Hopefully RIM will release the calender app and contacts.


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