Viewsonic gTablet modded with GPS module

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Back when netbooks was the big deal, one of my favorite pass times was to go through DIY forums and look at mods people did to their netbooks. There were tablet mods, touch screen mods, GPS mods, memory upgrade, SSD conversions, and even some rather peculiar kitchen PC mods. Tablets on the other hand aren’t as hackable, and it’s not exactly plug and play like with many netbook hacks which involved using internal standardized slots and connectors. Someone still managed to find something to mod though, more specifically a guy over at the XDA forums managed to cram a GPS receiver in his Viewsonic gTablet. That hack requires a fair bit of parts and even more skill, and isn’t something that most people would even bother with seeing as how there are tablets out there with built in GPS and even Bluetooth GPS units for those tablets that don’t have that. Still, a nice achievement.

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