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Visormount mounts HTC EVO 4G on car visor

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The Mountek MT5000 may be the most unique way to mount the HTC EVO 4G in a car, but the Visormount is hardly your average run-of-the-mill vehicle accessory.

The appropriately named Visormount is, as you might have guessed, a mount that clips onto the sun visor. It can be attached to the visor in either position (up or down) and will accommodate the EVO in all of its variations: standard battery, extended battery, case, no case.

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I'm not completely sold on the placement, particularly in relation to the car charger, but I can appreciate the versatility. When it's not in your car, it can give the built-in kickstand a break and act as a stand.


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The Visormount is available now for $16.95 plus shipping.

[Visormount] Thanks, Charles S!

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13 thoughts on “Visormount mounts HTC EVO 4G on car visor

  • Avatar of bradleyw801

    Yes! Now all I need is this, plus the netflix app, then I can watch movies while I drive! LOL!

    But seriously this might be cool with a wii controller rig.

  • What a wonderful way to play on my phone while I crash and die!

  • does not look like it will work with the extended battery

  • That is pretty cool, but you are right, the charger cord would get in the way. Even with an extended battery, GPS navigation plus music playing through Bluetooth through FM in your car speakers will your battery like a mutha!

  • Also to note, unlike the actual HTC car dock, you can actually put the phone in a position to be able to take pictures out your front window in the car. I know that is appealing to some people…

  • For the HTC mount you could drill a hole in the mount for the camera.

    For this mount the only way it would be useful is if I had a charger wire rigged up in my headliner so I wouldnt have a cable in the way. A cable is the must because GPS rapes the battery.

  • As for the charging cable and extended battery concerns… The Visormount facebook page has some pics of the Visormount with Scosche Solar Battery Power mounted on the windshield…. and an evo w/ 3500 extended battery mounted…. hell this article has the first few pics of the evo in an Otterbox case… I may just have to get one.

  • In my opinion, thats horrible placement if you actually plan on using the phone for navigation while driving. You almost have to completely take your eye off the road in order to glance at it.

  • I just ordered and received the Visormount and I have a couple of observations.

    1) Using it as a desk stand would be a bit problematic, as it really doesn’t sit at a good angle.

    2) While it does clip in with the Seidio extended battery and case, it is not a very solid grip. I would be very nervous if I had the phone in the Visormount that way and hit a bump in the road. Taking the case off, however, it does feel quite solid with just the extended battery.

  • Where can I order that?

  • FWIW, just off the edge of this posting, I just got a SlipGrip RAM mount car holster. That’s the one that holds the phone face out, pointing towards you.

    In the rugged case.

    The *extended battery* rugged case.

    It’s made of Kydex, and seems pretty well built for $30.

    Recommended, so far. (He also has them for the extended non-rugged and rugged non-extended cases, IIRC, as well as a zillion other devices, with lots of different mounts. On eBay; search for SlipGrip)

  • Like the concept… just wouldn’t work for me.

    Charging cable/audio would be in the way, deal breaker for me. I went with the CD player mount.

  • LOL looks like someone is driving in the DFW metroplex.


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