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Will you leave Amazon Cloud Player for Google Music Beta on your HTC EVO?


Google officially announced Music Beta, its long-rumored cloud-based music service, at Google I/O today and since those of us not at the conference can only request an invitation and wait until it's "ready" to use, we'll just continue to stream our music collections from the service's main archrival, Amazon Cloud Player, and carry on with our day.

Depending on how long it takes to be accepted into the beta or what Amazon does (if anything) in response to Google's one-upmanship in certain aspects (more storage, cloud-synced playlists, intelligent mix), I bet a bunch of us will stick with Cloud Player for good.

I'm already thinking that I will. Because I don't know about you, but the longer Google takes to "let me in" to their hallowed grounds, the less interested I'll become. I'm already not too keen on having to re-upload all of my music to another cloud—not to mention one that's under the ever-watchful eye of Google, and Amazon's service has been great for me over the past 5 or 6 weeks. Its 20GB free Cloud Drive upgrade is still going on, there's an integrated MP3 store, and it's been working flawlessly for me.

So while I'll obviously give Music Beta a whirl whenever the gods at Google say I'm allowed to, I'm not chomping at the bit waiting for my golden ticket. None of the service's "better" features are ones that are important to me anyway, as I actually don't use playlists (seriously) and I don't need more space, so I don't feel the need to draft my breakup letter to Amazon any time soon.

What about you?

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