Acer Iconia A100 may finally be headed to stores

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The Acer Iconia Was A100, aka the A500’s 7-inch brother, was supposed to be released a while ago. Many speculated that Honeycomb’s dislike of 7-inch screens (or at least 1024 x 600 resolution screens) was the reason, and we didn’t have any word of a confirmed 7-inch Honeycomb tablet until yesterday. It seems they fixed whatever was the problem though as Walmart stores in the US has started showing signs that the tablet will be available soon, and some even claim it already is.

The A100 is a typical Honeycomb tablet as far as the CPU goes, sporting a Tegra 2 dual core. Dual cameras, 8GB of storage and a microSD slot is also included. The price is quite nice at $349, the same as the old Galaxy Tab 7-inch and $50 less than the cheapest 10.1″ Honeycomb tablet. While you wouldn’t think 7-inch tablets were much smaller than 10.1-inch ones they are in fact about half the size as far as surface area goes (they are often a lot thicker), which also makes them more portable. In other words, this tablet might be worth picking up even if the price difference to a bigger tablet is small, simply because of its portability.

I have yet to see the tablet reappear on any of the sites that used to have it for preorder here in Norway, but hopefully it will start to show up everywhere again pretty soon. If they kept the Norwegian asking price from a couple of months ago, it will be the cheapest tablet by far in this country as well- and likely in a lot of other countries.

[Engadget via Pocketables]

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