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Are early HTC EVO 3D reviews giving you second thoughts?


The first wave of HTC EVO 3D reviews hit the net courtesy of Engadget, CNET, BGR, This is my next, WSJ, and Phone Scoop today. And, well, let's just say they're not exactly glowing.

Complaints about battery life, poor call quality and wireless performance, and half-baked 3D elements are a common thread in all the write-ups. And while the new EVO still gets highly respectable scores from sites that utilize a rating system (7/10 from Engadget, 4/5 from CNET, 8/10 from This is my next) and no one says to avoid it, there's enough negativity there to sway those who were still on the fence about the device.

Evo-3d-retail (4)

Evo-3d-retail (6)

Evo-3d-retail (5)

Evo-3d-retail (1) Evo-3d-retail (2)
Evo-3d-retail (3) I don't take other people's opinions about something I plan to buy too seriously, as it doesn't matter to me what someone else thinks about my gadget preferences, but there's obviously still a lot of value in the observations made in the reviews. I know some folks won't buy anything without getting Engadget's stamp of approval first.

So what did the reviews do to you? Are you more convinced than ever that you're getting (or not getting) the EVO 3D next week? Or are you more confused than ever now that there's some conflicting information out there?

Regardless of what anyone else says, the bottom line is that it's your money. Spend it on what you want, not what people you probably don't know tell you to want. You're the one who has to live with the device day in and day out, so buy what you want, like what you want, and let others do the same.

Thanks for the pics, ArmyAdams!

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