BBC iPlayer streams BBC TV programs to UK Dell Streak

Bbc-iplayerHere in the UK, where I reside, one of the most common uses of the internet is accessing and watching TV programs on BBC iPlayer. The good news for UK Streak owners is that the Beeb has recently released its BBC iPlayer for Android for Froyo devices.

The app requires Adobe Flash Player 10.3 (free in the Market) and is quite brilliant. It works extremely well with very low loading times—one or two seconds for shorter prgograms and around four seconds for feature- length documentaries.

As much as I like the app, I do have some problems with it as well. For example, sometimes the video is of very poor quality and the audio is out sync. Fortunately, this is usually nothing that a good force close can’t solve.

BBC iPlayer is only available in the UK at the moment, but it should be available in the US soon.


Links: Market (Streak) | Market (web) 

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Brodie Duncan

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