Booqpad, an iPad case for those who still use paper

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The Booqpad is a notepad-style iPad case that actually has a notepad included. I’ve seen this concept before, but the Booqpad seems to have the concept down a bit better than others. One side has the iPad, the other side a paper notepad, so that you can use both together- maybe to takes notes from documents/books you’re reading, makes notes as you try out an app for review, or anything like that. Certainly cheaper than getting two iPads in order to take notes and read at the same time, and many people prefer paper for note taking anyways.

Personally this makes me think of something that I looked for a while back but couldn’t find a product/solution for. There are plenty of smartpens out there- pens that also digitize the analog notes you take- but for some reason no-one has though about making these compatible with tablets. The Booqpad would be so much more useful if it was paired with a pen that could actually transfer your paper notes to the iPad after you’d written them down, giving you the tactile feeling of paper when taking notes yet allowing you to store them on your iPad. If you have an AirStash and a smartpen that saves common formats to a microSD card you could make it work, but it would be something of a DIY solution.

Back to the version of the Booqpad that actually exists though, it sells for $50 but is currently sold out until July. A popular case, in other words, so if you want on you might as well get on the list at


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