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Countdown to HTC EVO 3D root begins, thanks to Team Win [Updated]

Door_cracked_open Oh, Team Win. How the HTC EVO community loves thee.

Thanks to the efforts of this awesome group, EVO owners have 4G on AOSP, full HDMI mirroring, Kernel Manager, and other awesome ROMs and hacks. And now the team so full of winning it hurts is back with yet another reason for adulation.

While HTC continues its diligent work on unlocking the EVO 3D bootloader, Team Win found a hole in the superphone's kernel that is very likely to lead to root!

The devs are "working blind" right now and say not to expect anything to be released before the weekend (i.e., don't hound them for updates), in part because "the exploit destabilizes the phone so badly that it's hard to pull the important bits from the wreckage before it all burns to the ground."

The EVO 3D is already an awesome phone without root, but the real fun is just about to get started.

[@agrabren | xda-developers ] Thanks, XpAcErX & Alex!

Update #1: And just like that, root has been achieved (with and without the recent OTA installed) and the first stock rooted EVO 3D ROM has appeared. Thanks, CowboyJinx!

Update #2: Fre3vo temporarily roots EVO 3D.

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24 thoughts on “Countdown to HTC EVO 3D root begins, thanks to Team Win [Updated]

  • Wait!!! Root my EVO 4G with Gingerbread first!!! PLEEEEEEEZ!!!

  • Avatar of Steve Schlosnagle

    Or CyanogenMod 7. (If you prefer Sense-less-ness.)

  • Dude that’s exactly what I’m gonna do as soon as somebody roots Gingerbread.

  • Doesn’t matter what rom it is. If its still S-On…NO rom makes a difference…NO ROOT, period.

  • Can’t wait for root. As nice as Sense 3.0 is on this thing. I can’t wait for root access and then Cyanogen ROM. I think it will increase the phone’s speed by stripping away all that eye candy that comes with Sense. I am also missing free wifi tethering. Go Team Win!

  • Sorry, I saw your comment after I got an email tip from someone else about the rooted ROM and updated the post.

  • Avatar of jaydeeIL

    The Ed is root accouding to @shinzul twitter

  • The link for the rooted ROM shouldn’t be there since there’s no ROM in that thread. All he did was post about but never provided a download link.

  • Avatar of Max Powers

    Does this mean that EVO 4G with 2.3.3 can now be rooted? OMG PLEASE let this be the case!!!

  • gah, that took like 4 days… what the hell…

    /kidding… I expected it would take till Sunday

  • I’m waiting to find out the answer to this question as well. I will let you know when I find out.

  • We are definitely interested and awaiting some good news soon. THX JJsax!!

  • This is awesome. Right now the process is still to advance for me. I usually don’t root unless there is a one root method. I would love root but as of now I really like my phone the way it and don’t want to risk anything. But this is a good step on getting it rooted and for me to be able to install an omj rom Iike on my evo4g. Can’t wait.

  • Right from the mouth of Team Win, ” We don’t believe it will work on the EVO 4G.”

    Sorry for the bad news guys. If I hear anything further I will certainly let everyone know.

  • excellent news! If I read that thread correctly, looks like they used the latest OTA update. I think that means we can be pretty confident accepting it without compromising future root.

  • You are correct. As soon as I confirmed with Team Win that they got it to root with hboot 1.40 I went and installed the new OTA as well. Word of caution, I wouldn’t accept any future OTA updates just in case they (HTC) tries to patch the exploit that Team Win found.


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