Crux Loaded: Transformer dock for the iPad?

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It’s only been 4 days since I posted about the ClamCase. In the post I complained about the lack of an extended battery, and it seems that someone else had the same complaint. Crux just put up the pre-order page for their new Crux Loaded iPad keyboard dock, and it has both the extended battery and a touchpad. The extended battery is a very nice addition and will extend the battery life up to 7.5 hours, which is great. The touchpad has me confused though; they say “you’ll be able to control your iPad’s screen using all the same multi-touch functions currently on iOS. Scroll pages, resize pictures, play games, and do many other functions without having to lift your arm to touch your iPad’s screen“. Exactly how they plan on implementing such functionality in an OS that isn’t designed for it I have absolutely not clue, and have contacted them asking for more information. Maye there’s some Apple API that allows mirroring the touchscreen to an external device to allow for touching e.g the right corner of the touchpad and have the iPad think the right corner of the screen was touched, but I doubt it. If it actually works though, this will be one seriously awesome accessory. At $249 it’s actually more expensive than many netbooks and that is sure to hinder its popularity a lot, but I’m definitely getting one.

EDIT: on second thought, they might actually have knowledge of iOS5 features that makes this possible, seeing as though it doesn’t release until the fall….I guess we’ll find out.

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