Cut the Rope now available for Android

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While I’ve played my share of Angry Birds, I always found Cut the Rope to be the better casual game on the iPad. The reason being that it actually is casual, rather than the increasingly ridiculous feats you have to accomplish to declare Angry Birds 100% complete. The game features Om Nom, an adorable dinosaur-like character who lives in boxes and love candy. You job is to get the candy to him be navigating it through mazes of ropes, spiders, hazardous spikes and various other obstacles. It’s a great puzzle game with excellent graphics and it’s popular enough that ripoffs exist (the universal measurement for success in the app world).

Now the game is also available on Android for the price of $nothing. That’s right, the Android version is free and instead filled with ads. This seems to be a common thing on Android and it backs up the rumor that Android users aren’t willing to pay for games at the same level as iOS users. Even more in the spirit of Android, the game is not available on the official Android Market but instead yet another random third party app store (aka GetJar).

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