Dell Streak app quick review: Pulse News

This quick review was written by Brodie Duncan.

Pulse-streak Out of the thousands of apps available for the Dell Streak from the Market, not very many are as visually pleasing as Pulse News from Alphonso Labs.

The free app "takes your favorite websites and transforms them into a colorful and interactive mosaic." It comes with a bunch of featured feeds—no mention of StreakSmart (I am disappointed, Alphonso!)—and loads of categorized feeds under headings like Android, Food, Politics, and Technology. There's also a search option if you can’t find your desired news feed and it can tie into your Google Reader feeds if you use the service from El Goog too.

Pulse includes many sharing options, with built-in Facebook and Twitter sharing, access to the native Android sharing options, and also the ability to save articles for later using the new service that was only recently launched. I really enjoy the latter feature because sometimes certain articles are better viewed on my laptop than on my Streak.

Pulse-qr The app also comes with an offline sync option so, if you are like me and are under a data allowance, you don’t need to consistently be accessing the net to follow the news from some of your favorite feeds.

In addition to its usefulness, Pulse is one of the few apps that, in my opinion, look really good on the Streak. Others are either poorly scaled to the 5-inch screen and just don't look right or are completely untouched but display with a black border around it.

Pulse News is one of the most downloaded from the Market with millions of active users so if you don't already use it, I strongly recommend and encourage you to check it out on your Streak.

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