Dell Streak to get offline Google navigation?


I can’t speak for everyone else here on StreakSmart, but I know I use my Dell Streak as a GPS unit practically every day. If you use this function as much as I do, then you are all too familiar with how annoying it is when you’re trying to load up some directions only to have the app stall while trying to download your route.

It seems that this issue will soon be a thing of the past, with Dutch site All About Phones reporting that Google Navigation is slotted to receive offline navigation later this summer. This news can't be making anyone in the business of GPS units happy—like Engadget so eloquently put it, "it's tough to compete with free"—but it probably sounds like sweet music to everyone else's ears.

No word yet on what Android version will be required, but at least we know there’s some GingerStreak in our future!

[All About Phones via Engadget]
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Brett Kaminski

Brett Kaminski is a former contributor at StreakSmart, which was merged into Pocketables in 2012.

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7 thoughts on “Dell Streak to get offline Google navigation?

  • every single time I try to use the gps on my streak it crashes and turns off…. so that’s something normal?!

  • So if I have got this right when the change happens my data consumption will go down which would be good news as o2/uk only issue 500mb of data each month though I am assuming this will apply to the uk as well as things seem to happen in the usa amd the uk get left out. What happened to the special relationship? Lol

  • I use Google Maps daily on my Streak (literally) and Google Navigation a few times a week. I’m on EDGE (2G) yet it works great.
    So I wonder what size cache file we’d be looking at having to store on our memory cards if this comes to fruition…?
    On that note though, there’s no way I’d ever pay for navigation. At this point, I feel sorry for people who are actually paying for TomTom / Navigon / etc…

  • you mean clear data? the “clear cache” is shaded so I can’t press it

  • I still use Navigon for Android over Google NAV for one feature – reality view lane assist. It’s extremely helpful when highway systems split two or three different ways at once. Supposedly Street View is supposed to handle this function and show you an actual picture of an exit or junction instead of an animation with arrows on it, but I’ve never seen it actually appear in my use with Google Maps.


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