Droid X2's Tegra 2 performance


Inside that beauty of a Droid X2 lies an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. Humming along at a cool 1GHz, this processor has definitely been giving me second thoughts about keeping the A4 chip-equipped iPhone 4. 

I must admit, I went into reviewing this Droid thinking that even though its spec sheet was something to die for, MOTOBLUR would simply be too overbearing for even the best of hardware to handle. And now I'm happy to report that's not the case.

IMG_0935 That's not to say that MOTOBLUR is a speed demon. Not by any means. In fact, even with the Tegra 2, there are still a few jitters and bugs here and there. I'm assuming that it's due to bad coding . . . I mean, come on, it's Motorola. 

I don't want to get into too much of MOTOBLUR. I need to save something for my review. But I will say this: It's definitely not as bad as it was, and NVIDIA's little gem certainly helps to make the device usable.

One quirk I want to quickly point out, though, is the fact that sometimes, if you tap on an icon, nothing will launch but the icon will stay lit. If you have an X2, don't fret; your device hasn't frozen. Simply tap again on the desired app and you're good to go. 

Anyway, getting away from revealing too many of my thoughts towards Motorola's skin, I highly doubt the bugs and hiccups have anything to do with the hardware inside. Motorola just needs to pay a little more attention to how they code their skin. Or, they could simply get rid of it. I'd obviously prefer the latter. 

IMG_0929 Alright, so we've got the bad out of the way. Let's look at the benchmarks now. The app used here to benchmark the Droid X2 is Quadrant Standard Edition. This app runs through CPU, I/O, and GPU tests to fully examine how well your Android device performs in every area. Blue bars represent other devices, and the orange, yours. The X2 scored a 2892. The device below it, a Nexus One running Froyo, scored roughly 1300. 

Hopefully that puts just how advanced the Tegra 2 processor is in comparison to other devices. Granted, the original Nexus One was released a little over a year and a half ago, but there are still new phones being released with the Snapdragon CPU, which is what the Nexus One used.

Everything from games to videos to even simply composing an email, the Tegra 2 performs admirably. I can't wait to see what developers will start doing now that the Tegra 2 is available in a few devices, including the Dell Streak 7.

Anyway, I'm not going to take any more away from my final review. Expect to see that on Friday. But I wanted to make sure I got in a post all about performance by itself, because it's definitely the key feature to the Droid X2. 

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