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Gazelle will still buy back HTC EVO 4G for more than competitors [Updated]

Money-bags If you are thinking about getting rid of your HTC EVO 4G and don't want to deal with the hassle of selling it on eBay or Craigslist, you might be interested to know that is currently buying used EVOs at a significantly higher price than many competing buyback sites. And given Jenn's postitive experiences with Gazelle in the past, it is definitely worth giving them some serious thought if you are ready to part ways with your EVO 4G.

As of this writing, Gazelle is offering up to $147 in cash (PayPal or check) for EVO 4Gs that are in "good" condition, which means your phone has "normal wear and tear for a pre-owned item, but works well." This is only $3 less than what Sprint is offering for old EVO 4Gs, and instead of a statement credit, you get cash. If your phone has "no noticeable flaws" and "looks like it has never been used," you can get up to $164.85.

To get these prices for your EVO 4G, you will have to ship your phone to Gazelle, although they pay for shipping and will even send you a free box. You must also include your phone's original battery and charger, and enter promo code "Macbreak" at checkout (this will give you a 5% bonus; otherwise, you will get either $140 or $157 respectively).

To put this in perspective, and are only offering $113 for EVO 4Gs in "good" condition, is offering $112, and is offering $102. Radio Shack is offering $100 towards the purchase of a new EVO 3D in stores, and is only offering $94.50 for EVO 4Gs in decent shape. Keep in mind that while this list is not meant to be all-encompassing, it does represent what you will get on average.

And while you might be able to net a bit more on eBay, a quick look at some recently ended auctions shows that most used EVO 4Gs are now selling for around $170-$190. This is lower than before the EVO 3D launch and is most likely the result of an increased inventory with smaller demand. Also, remember that after PayPal fees, eBay fees, and shipping costs, you will probably net something much closer to what Gazelle is currently offering.

If your EVO 4G is in mint condition, I might still recommend selling it on eBay, as new EVO 4Gs are currently selling for over $200. In any other case, Gazelle might just be a better bet.

There are other advantages to selling your phone to Gazelle, too. Rather than trading it in at the store when you upgrade, you can still hold on to your old phone while you try out the EVO 3D and see if you want to keep it (hint: you will) because you can "lock in" the buyback price. You also avoid the risk (however slight) that comes with transactions on eBay. And payment options are more flexible than some other buyback sites: in addition to cash, you can also chose a gift card to one of several different retailers or donate your money to charity.

Enjoy your new EVO 3D, and may your old phone R.I.P.

Update: As of 7/01/11, it looks like Gazelle lowered the amounts that it is offering for the HTC EVO 4G. Current amounts stand at $105 for gently used EVOs, or $118.65 for those in like-new condition, both with the above promo code. Perhaps too many of you jumped on this deal! In any case, it was good while it lasted.

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