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Get Netflix up and running on your new HTC EVO 3D


You stood in line Friday morning to purchase the new HTC EVO 3D, or you were one of the lucky Premier customers allowed to order early online. You've spent your entire weekend and most of the workday Monday playing with your new toy. Your partner or significant other dismisses its 3D abilities as a headache-inducing gimmick, but after staring at the stunning three-dimensional pictures and movies long enough, your eyes have adjusted and you have to admit: this is pretty darn cool. And it's way ahead of the original EVO in terms of technology, even without the 3D.

But where did Netflix go? Seriously, why isn't it available in the Android Market for the EVO 3D?

Screenshot_netflix After Netflix made such a big deal about finally releasing an Android app (while simultaneously complaining loudly about how difficult it was), and after there was such an uproar when the EVO 4G's recent OTA update to Gingerbread broke Netflix, many assumed that Netflix would naturally be ready to go without a hitch when the EVO 3D was released. After all, isn't the EVO 3D just a bigger, badder version of the EVO 4G? Why would the company want to repeat their previous PR nightmare?

While I don't have any answers to these questions, I do have some good news: Netflix does indeed work on the EVO 3D; it just requires some extra digging to find. While for some reason the company chose to make it invisible to us in the Market, the apk from the EVO 4G has been pulled and is available for anyone to download.

First, make sure you have enabled your phone to install apps from unknown sources (on your home screen hit the menu button > Settings > Applications > and make sure Unknown sources is checked).

Next, hit the link below and download the app. It's the same file that is available for free in the Android Market for EVO 4G users.

Finally, install the application on your phone. I find it easiest to email myself the file as an attachment in Gmail, as I can install directly from the Gmail app and I have a backup of the app in the cloud. Alternately, you can place the file on your SD card and use your favorite file explorer to install the app.

Enjoy your Netflix now, while your less savvy EVO 3D-owning friends wait for Netflix and HTC to get their acts together. Now, the only other thing I want to know is when Netflix will offer 3D streaming . . .

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