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Gingerbread OTA update headed to HTC EVO beginning June 6th, available for manual update June 3rd


We may not be able to get our hands on the HTC EVO 3D on June 3rd like we hoped/expected, but according to a document leaked to Android Central, we will be able to get some new software on our existing EVO 4Gs on that day instead. What new software? Why, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), of course!

Version 4.22.651.2 (the test build leaked in April was version 4.12.651.1) will supposedly be available for manual update this Friday, with the OTA update beginning its rollout on Monday, the 6th. Accompanying the Gingerbread-y goodness will be some fixes and the new Downloads app (to quickly access and manage all downloads) that's on some other phones. There's no mention of a new version of Sense here, which isn't exactly surprising, but then again, a leaked flyer isn't an exactly official announcement either.

I had actually heard that the Gingerbread update was coming on the 8th, but I have no complaints if it'll be here before that. It's unusual that Sprint would update the EVO 4G before its successor is released, but I'm sure everyone still running stock Froyo on an unrooted phone won't mind. Those running custom Gingerbread ROMs won't mind either, as new software for the masses always means new ROMs based on it for the rest of us.

[Android Central] Thanks, Kevin!

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17 thoughts on “Gingerbread OTA update headed to HTC EVO beginning June 6th, available for manual update June 3rd

  • Avatar of Larry Thomas

    How come I send in stories first and never get acknowledgment?

  • Avatar of Cunninglycunning

    If I am rooted running Spring Lovers ROM should I unroot for this update?

  • I have a rooted Evo not running any Rom just rooted. Will I have to unroot? Also I have a lot of my apps on running off my SD card (Apps2SD) what should I do?

  • It is my understanding that if you are rooted and you either manually update OTA or accept the automatic update OTA then you will lose root. I am rooted currently running a custom rom and I will just be waiting until this latest update is rooted and incorporated into some new or existing roms. I’m guessing our wonderful dev community will have this latest update rooted within a day, so you could just simply wait and flash it once the devs get it rooted. Hope this helps!

  • Don’t unroot, just wait a couple of extra days for the ROM brewers to dig into it and make up some fresh goodness for us all. It’ll be worth the extra time to get something like that. Fresh, Myn and the rest should make short work of it.

  • Mostly pumped for that SMS fix. That was a small bug but it could have pretty awful consequences, depending on what you’re texting to the wrong person.

  • I sent it in first I was on one of the other Android websites and saw that then came here and
    Saw they didn’t have it so I thought I would share it with you guys

  • I’ve had no sms issues but I use handset. Are your messages being sent to the wrong person for u? I could see how that could fuck me in many ways. lol

  • If I do a manual update, will the reboot wipe my apps? I have had the phone for almost a year and I was considering doing a factory reset anyways, Should I wait until after I update, or does it matter?


  • Yea im rooted with unrevoked and dont plan on using any roms what happen if I updat? Idc if I lose root.

  • Sweet. This is what we have all been waiting for. I know that many have rooted there phone and have had this for months now. But at least this a fix for many problems we have all had that didn’t want to root their phone. I just hope that a new sense will also be there too.

  • Gingerbread installed and loving it.

  • Avatar of upgrade now!!!

    Off the topic, but I called sprint they refused my full upgrade and told me I was only eligible for $75 off retail price because I was only silver member and not a gold member, so I threatened to cancel because I thought it was stupid, next thing you know, I’m eligible for a full upgrade. Anyone having the same problem should follow what I did.


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