Great two-player games to check out on your Dell Streak

Two players Perhaps one of the best ways to show off that snazzy 5- and/or 7-inch Dell Streak is to own a friend in one of Android's many two-player games.

That's why I've compiled a list of my three favorite two-player apps, which you'll find below. Now go ahead and have some fun with your plus-one.

2 Player Reactor

2 Player Reactor is a collection of brain-teasing minigames that require quick reflexes and brainpower. Pitting you and your buddy against each other, the game regularly switches back and forth between minigames that require one party to solve a puzzle faster than the other, such as connecting a mouse through a tangled maze to his beloved cheese, while other games require quick reaction time, such as being the first to press the screen when it turns white.

The game's quick speed and addictiveness make it one of my favorite two-player titles for Streaks. There’s also a four-player paid version for $3.25, if some of your other friends want to go head-to-head with you too.

Qr-two player reactor

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Glow Hockey 2

Glow Hockey 2 presents a very neon, very friendly take on the classic game of air hockey. It's a fun, high-paced game for two players, but it also boasts a one-player mode in which you can hone your skills.

The full version of the game ($1.99), which sells for $1 in the Amazon Appstore, features a boatload of skins, from a crayon-like theme to a classic hockey table, and a single-player championship mode for even further replay value. Glow Hockey 2 earns my support because of its speedy, fun gameplay and variety of single-player modes.

Qr-glow hockey

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Paper War for Two Players

While it isn't as fun as the two previous games on this list, what separates Paper War for Two Players from the other two-player games on the Market is that it has three specific two-player modes to provide a great deal of diversity in one little package.

The first multiplayer minigame, dubbed Anti-Aircraft, has you firing cartoon cannons in a wild attempt to down your friend's planes. The second, Plane Smasher, has you tapping as many red or blue planes as possible, as quickly as possible. The third, Cannon Battle, tests your aim as you fire on a friend's cannon. Like Glow Hockey 2, Paper War also sports a single player mode in which you play against your Streak.

Paper War's unique art style and two-player diversity ensures something for everyone.

Qr-paper wars

Links: Market (web) | Market (Streak)

What are your favorite two-player games to play on the Streak?

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