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Happy EVO Day!

This guest article was written by Daniel Alexander.

Evo-day Today is June 4th, 2011. And, as many of you are sure to remember, this is the one-year anniversary of the launch of the HTC EVO 4G on Sprint.

When first officially announced in March of 2010 at CTIA, the EVO was simply a hardware lover's dream. It was the first device to incorporate any number of ground-breaking features into a single phone. Beginning with its 1Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 4.3-inch TFT LCD display, two cameras including an 8-megapixel autofocus camera with dual LED flash and a front facing 1.3-megapixel camera for video chat, micro HDMI-out, and the innovative kickstand, the EVO was also the first US phone to feature a WiMAX radio, making it the first 4G phone available in America.

While many devices have come (and gone) with a number of these features, the EVO remains a remarkable device for having put them all into one handset.  A feat so remarkable it was immortalized in a very humorous animated clip on YouTube that has gone onto become a sensation in its own right.

And the EVO remains viable today with yesterday's update to the latest Android for phones, version 2.3.3 Gingerbread.

The EVO may be legitimately called the first of the Android superphones. HTC and Sprint must have suspected they had a hit on their hand when the EVO 4G was still on the drawing boards, as the project and leaked devices were known by their internal codename "Supersonic."

As the first 4G WiMAX handset available in the United States, the original EVO was not only the premier Android powerhouse for Sprint, it was also marketed as the nation's first 4G device and remains first in line of all of the subsequent mobile phones to be marketed that way. Now with the EVO 3D looming for debut any day now, I thought it would be a good time to honor the original. So I wanted to wish all of G&E's readers a very Happy EVO Day!

Now, one year later, what are your fondest memories of your days with the Sprint EVO 4G?

Are you still happy with your first-generation EVO or are you waiting with baited-breath for the EVO 3D? Has the quality of your life changed once you moved to the 4G fast lane? Has 4G been deployed in your primary calling areas, or have you been enjoying your Sprint halo phone from their more pedestrian 3G coverage areas?

What are some of the unique things you have been able to do with all of the features of the EVO 4G that would have been impossible—or improbable—with any other device before last year: HDMI-out, the massive 4.3-inch TFT LCD display, the FM radio, etc.? Have you found any of theses features particularly time-saving, fun, or even life-saving?

Please comment below on your year-one experiences with the HTC EVO 4G, and remember to wish everyone you see today a Happy EVO Day!

This guest article was written by Daniel Alexander.

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45 thoughts on “Happy EVO Day!

  • EVO has rocked since day ONE!! I didn’t get mine until the end of June last year, because I was waiting to get out of my crappy AT&T contract. When I first ordered the EVO from LetsTalk, they said I should expect delivery in 3 weeks due to high demand. My heart sank. If you remember, almost from the beginning, the Sprint web site was constantly “out-of-stock” when you tried to order from there. On a whim, a few minutes after LetsTalk told me the bad news, I went to the Sprint site and was surprised that they had the EVO. I ordered it immediately from them and cancelled my other order. Then I called all my friends and sent them to the Sprint site. Less than 2 hours later, the site was “out-of-stock” again (for the next several weeks), so I felt lucky as a Hell. I received my EVO direct from Sprint THE NEXT FREAKING AWESOME DAY. I peed a little on myself from excitement when I saw the package. Of course, I haven’t put this bad boy down since.

  • Ah…i remember as if it were yesterday. Waiting in line to pick up my Evo! My boyfriend who was with me decided he was gonna keep his Palm Pre for now since we only had ours for a year. I was obsessed with the Evo even tho I loved Palm Pre multitasking! As soon as it was my turn, my boyfriend told the Sprint employee, “She’s the only one getting a phone today!” Ha! That is until the Sprint rep handed me the Evo. My boyfriend was sold! And I bragged about my phone so much on Facebook, I convinced my older brother in SF to get one too. Sadly, the rest of my family have iphones.

  • Avatar of psylent_sparq

    Speaking of EVO’s. I can’t pull a screenshot of it but I spotted SHaq’s EVO during his press conference when he accepted the fake call from NY Knick’s to coach them. It’s in the early seconds of his retirement press conference. Check it out on ESPN.com. Happy EVO day everyone.

  • Happy Evo day to all. We also were given this great web site to go with the phone G&E. Learned so much in a years time. Thanks Jenn. I also filmed my first grandson coming into the world one month later in July. It paid for itself. Still happy with it to this day, but I will be going Evo 3D. 1 question. It’s called, G&E RAISING HELL WITH THE HTC EVO 4G. Will you be adding something for the HTC EVO 3D?

  • Yes, I need to redo the banner. Mention of the 3D and View are included in the browser title bar so I will probably just get rid of that whole line in the banner. The site may also get a minor redesign soon.

  • My daughter and I went and got 1 each on my Birthday, June 4. Now everyone in my Family had one. It has been and still is an awesome phone! Several clients bought them after seeing mine.

    Has it changed my life? No not really. Made it easier? Yes with out a doubt!

    I think the coolest app is Google Sky.

  • Speaking of how ubiquitous the Evo has now become in an insanely crowded Android phone market, check out Shaquille O’neal’s press conference on June 3, especially between 0:22-0:35. Shaq fields a fake call on none other than an Evo – on a side note, his hands are absolutely massive and makes the Evo look like a toy.

  • Overall I’m happy to have ditched my iPhone 3Gs for the Evo. The phone and android is nice, but overall getting off of AT&T and onto Sprint has been a blessing. AT&T didn’t even have 3G at my house, were as Sprint did. I don’t have 4G at home, I do at work though but I rarely use it. NEVER got qik to work with anyone. I was extremely disappointed that Skype was verizon exclusive on android for a while. Overall though, for the type of work I do, and for phone calls, pictures, looking up information and as a GPS it’s been the best phone I’ve ever had.

  • I was lined up at 7AM on launch day for my EVO. It was love at first sight. We’ve been in each others arms ever since. Happy Anniversary to us!

  • The best part of the EVO is that to this day, when I pull it out, people have the instant reaction of saying “wow, that’s huge”! Makes the iPhones shrink away.

    Happy Bday EVO!

    And a big thanks to G&E for bringing all this great news together.

  • Funny, first phone I’ve kept for a year. and counting…

  • I purchased on launch day. I remember arriving at Best Buy to pick up my pre-ordered Evo. I was the second one in line. I love staying connected everywhere I go. Sprint has also been a pleasure to have as a carrier.

  • I stood in line for 2 hours to get mine on June 4, receiving it just in time to rush to my son’s preschool graduation and record it in EVO-tastic HD video! Still have that video on my EVO.

  • I ditched tmobile after adding another 2 yrs in my contract…sold my hd2 on craigslist and got my evo that same day…best phone ive ever had…like 10 of my friends have evos now…happy EVO DAY!!!

  • Avatar of MsRandall

    I got my evo on 5/21/10 from the Google Convention…I posted that night on SU forums that Sprint had a hit on its hands.

    I still love my evo today just as much as I did when I got it. I have recommended it to several friends and family members….All 3 of my phones with Sprint are EVOs. My sister, future daughter in law, nephew and stylist all have evos.

    I have already pre ordered my evo 3d. If the rumor Sprint is getting an iphone in Sept…The iphone will have to be a beast to CONVERT me to an iphone lover from an evo lover.

    Happy Birthday EVO!!!!

  • The EVO is cool, but a Rooted EVO is King.
    I use my phone so much, I rarely use my laptop….

    Too Bad the EVO-3D do not have a 8MP camera:(

  • Evo with an extended 3500 battery is freedom. It’s my gps, bluetooth media machine in my car, wifi on so my kids can cruise the internet in the back seat awesome wonder toy with a flash light. Did I mention it’s not an iphone? =)

  • I couldn’t get an Evo on launch day, unfortunately I was still well within the zone of no upgrade, but I wated with bated breath till /finally/ I could. That same week I rooted it and started experimenting, almost ruined the phone a couple of times. But now I’ve got it how I want it, no bloatware, custom rom, 32gb, 3500MhA battery with the rugged case.. Evo’s a big phone anyway, now it’s friggen huge, but that case has saved my bacon at least /twice/ already.

  • Avatar of Evo User 1200000

    After being burnt by Sprint’s Hype which was the Samjunk Instink, I was reluctant to fall for yet another OMG phone Sprint promoted.
    H.T.C. really does top notch work on it’s phones, very attentive and supportive.
    Samsungs arrogance, Samsungs loss.
    The Evo is the best, and the Evo 3d? Yeah, I’ll buy that. Happy Evo Day!!!!

  • Are you sure that’s not some sort of Mini-Evo 4G custom made for him… the thing looks TINY in his hands! ;)

  • Avatar of DrizzyGadget

    I got that funny feeling just reading the write up. Im so happy I got this phone instead of the Epic. And yes my EVO has certainly changed my life for the better. I still remember unboxing it in my car in the parking lot. Great website BTW!

    Happy Evo Day!

  • Gosh where should I start…I purchased my Evo 4g on day one from Radio shack and ever since that day I have not been ever able to put this devices down it has replaced my laptop at the time and ever since I have been extremely happy. My last phone was on metropcs and it was a koycera it did’nt even have a camera the evo 4g was my first smartphone and android device and ever since there will never be no turning back. I am entrenched in the Evolution on sprint and have had my preorder in at bestbuy for the Evo 3d since May 8th awaiting another member of the Evo family. I have invested much time researching qualcomm and sprint and now I know I will never have no other manufracturer or carrier as long as I have a smartphone. The things I do on this device is remarkable and I only look forward to continuing that ability with my new evo 3d come June 24th. I want to say thank you for this exceptional site just having a place to discuss everything Evo is the best thing since sliced bread. I look forward to continued communications on everything evo family as the future moves forward.

  • I remember when I was looking to buy the EVO the iPhone 4 was also another phone I was considering. I am so glad I picked the EVO, I have no buyers remorse.

    While I miss the keyboard I had on my Blackberry this phone is packed with so many features you just can’t complain. It truly is a super smartphone and in my mind its stilk aa flagship Android device.

  • Happy EVO to all….. I love my phone. I got my phone on the first day. I left work to purchase it from Best Buy. The EVO does everything. I have over 30 apps on my phone and it still have impressive speed I just got the Gingerbread update. So now my baby is even faster. I watch a lot of tv on my phone. Also I play a lot of games – WordFeud in particular. I enjoy every minute too. Thanks HTC for such an awesome phone.

  • Such camaraderie here. Happy Evo Day, everyone? The honeymoon continues. It’s not surprising that neither of the two Evo 4G successors have wooed me away from my true love. My previous phone, a Treo 800w, was my first “smart” phone. When I got my Evo, I was blown away. Everything my Treo struggled with my Evo did with ease and grace. I got exactly what I wanted — an awesome phone. When I finally trade it in for something else, it will be a sad day. I’m going to frame it or bronze-plate it and put it up on my bedroom wall.

  • Jenn, I want to thank you for a site that has been very helpful to me over the last 10 months as I learned about my Evo.

    I used a Palm TX for several years for contact management, reading e-books, and writing daily reports and email when traveling (with an IR keyboard), playing games and etc. My phone was a basic Samsung flip phone. Two weeks after Palm announced the Pre, and the end of the TX and other PDAs, my dog bit a hole in the screen of the TX, and I couldn’t afford to get a new one at the time.

    I didn’t care for the Palm Pre (can’t connect and sync with my home/office computer), so I used an older Palm Clie that we had lying around for most of what my TX had done. A little over a year ago, my business partner got an Iphone and learned to text. Texting on the Samsung flip phone was such a slow, painful process that I started looking for a smart phone to replace my PDA and flip phone.

    The Evo fills all of my needs except for a separate full size keyboard for typing daily reports when traveling, I am still looking for a folding keyboard that I can use for reports and emails when traveling, I don’t like the bulk of most laptops as I like to travel light.

    I am watching the reviews on the HTC View, as the 7 inch tablet looks like a good size for traveling (it will fit in a jacket pocket), especially if I can get a keyboard to work with it.

  • My favorite phone had always been the Palm Treo 755p. Love the look and feel of it, the keyboard plus touchscreen and just couldn’t imagine a better phone.

    I am an admitted gadget freak and Sprint has made a mint off of me as I rarely have the patience to wait until I have upgrade credit before purchasing a new phone. That being said I’ve had most of Sprint’s recent *wow* phones (i.e. highly advertised, pushed) the Palm’s Pre & Pixi, the Samsung Epic and the Evo.

    Love(d) Palm’s WebOS and still think it has a lot of promise, the Epic was, eh, at the time I was still a slave to a physical keyboard and it suited (for a few weeks lol) but it took the Evo to finally win my love away from the Palm Treo and swype to make me a virtual keyboard convert.

    I expect great things of the Evo 3D (which I will get despite once again having no upgrade lol) and based on my experience with its predecessor I don’t think I’ll be let down.

  • Jenn thank you for all the good work you have done and happy birthday EVO per te io vivo I had the 3 Iphone4 so I left at&t and get my 3 Evo August 2010 my wife and my son have the white Evo mine black 5 month later my whole family converted to sprint and they all have the Evo i counted each one with Evo at my handsome Son birthday 23 had the Evo one had Motorola X and another with iphone4 and my sister daughter ipad different cases with different faces they all used to be iPhone lovers now they all crazy Android geeks it total to 23 Evos in the family that minus 23 iPhones 3gs and 4. I love my Evo but I already ordered the new Evo 3D

  • so, i ordered mine off sprint.com early morning on june 4th, but on a whim on the way home from dropping the kids off at daycare and school, i stopped at my local sprint store and they had about a 50-75 of them sitting there, so i got it, but since i orderd one online, too, it became the biggest clusterf… ever. but i still walked out of the store 30 minutes later with my brand spanking new evo, and one in the mail that i got monday, it was quite a hassle to get the one returned and credited, i was accused of stealing one, because they couldn’t find the one i got at the store in their system, blah blah…it worked out in the end and I had the most awesome piece of hardware.

    it wasn’t until november that i took the dive into rooting, and have not looked back. I learned a lot about how android works, how to do minor theming and discovered myn’s warm twopointtwo, and i haven’t looked back. had to get my screen replaced last month due to unreponsive taskbar, on sheer luck my store had one screen left, so my launch day EVO is like new again and I do plan on holding onto it till I get my 3D and then some.

  • Starting around April last year I wanted the EVO. I started dropping hints to my wife. I even changed her Windows desktop background to a picture of the EVO. I got the LAST not-reserved box from Radio Shack after waiting only 45 minutes in line on launch day. My first ever launch day “event”.
    I’m happy with the EVO, and don’t see the need for a replacement until 2012.

  • Avatar of joepennant

    I realized it was the one year Happyversary for when I got the Evo when I checked my bill and it was lower than normal. Called and found out Sprint had refunded my deposit after one year.


    Love my Evo, and I still recommend it to friends who are looking for a Smartphone. And the ones who buy, (as recently as a few weeks ago) love it. I see little reason to upgrade to another phone for the next year or so.

    In fact, if they came out with the same phone but with better power management and more RAM, Id get it.

  • Same here, I usually switch phones every 3-4 months.

  • My guy and I had the same burn from Sprint on the Samjunk Instink. I was also gun shy and pre ordered from Radio Shack at the last possible minute. All of that vanished June 4th 2010 when this Evo hit our hands. It is the best phone we have ever had. It does everything I had ever wanted. Still happy and keeping it. I am going to keep this phone until probably June 2012 when I see what new thing HTC gives us.

    As for Samsung, they have probably lost our business forever. We had so many problems with that tiny piece of junk. Even after they opened it up some (which happened far too late).

  • Better power management, faster chip, more RAM, faster and bigger micro SD. Slightly sexier body like the Thunderbolt (but better cos it kinda stinks). And we will so buy it. 3D is a no. At least for now. We are not huge gamers.

  • I was a latecomer to the EVO but in the 2 months that i have had it, I don’t know how I ever survived with my old Blackberry!

    Mine baby was rooted within hours (Thanks to you and G&E Jenn)

    I love it so much that I just replaced my wife’s reclaim with an EVO ( Couldn’t wait for the 3D,the reclaim just died)

    The 3D is going to be nice, but this phone rocks!

  • I waited on line, for almost 2 hours, at the Sprint store on 34th Street, in Manhattan. I don’t regret it at all, and never will. Best piece of portable electronics I’ve ever owned. Still a keeper!

    I wonder if the Evo 4D will make coffee??? :D

  • Iamageek so I was following EVO since I heard abt it but did not want to get burned. I remember that it was like the second coming, I got it in the mail & with excited hands I opened that weird box made of recycled egg containers. It’s cost has been paid back every month just for the ease of use and apps. Only thing that bothers me is the inability to live video w/ friends. Happy EVO day!

  • I was less than happy with the Pre, the keyboard was a little small, the screen to small too, and it was even a little too thick to fit in my pocket. There were just a few too little updates from Palm on the performance front, so I ended up getting into the Evo on a lucky break on the Sprint website.

    Been loving the Android sauce ever since, but my most memorable 2 moments were finding unannounced location where there was 4G and accidentally dropping the Evo walking down the street in Amsterdam while using the GPS to figure out where I was going. Luckily the gorilla glass just barely chipped on the bottom edge, and the Evo keeps on ticking to this day. There were a lot of other awesome things it did but those were the two that stand out.

  • Thank you Jenn for starting this site that has led me to very useful tips & finally convinced me to root. My most memorable moment was indeed rooting my Evo which has provided astounding freedom.

    For those who are having trouble video chatting, root your phone, install a 2.3.4 ROM & use Google Talk…

    Otherwise, since you (Jenn) are clearly getting a 3D, will you cease to provide information on the original Evo? I would hate to see my device get left in the electronic dust while it has so many electrons yet waiting to do my bidding.

  • I miss the newness of the Evo, everything they seem to have updated makes me a little happier but there are a few little things that bug me, but overall its the feel of being in control of your own handset that makes it personal, i am missing the little android guy that comes up for market updates, now there is just a suitcase.


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