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How to boost HTC EVO 3D data speed

Speedtest Remember that trick we showed you back in January that potentially gave 3G data speeds a boost on your HTC EVO 4G? Lucky for us, this method also works on the HTC EVO 3D.

Please note that you will need your MSL number in order for this to work. An app like MSL Reader is the easiest way to get it once your EVO 3D is rooted, but there are other ways to get it too.

If you activated your phone online, you probably already received an email from Sprint with a six-digit programming code. If you have this, then treat it like gold because it's your MSL number. If you activated your EVO 3D over the phone or in the store, you may or may not have been given your MSL in the course of activation.

In most cases, however, people have been very successful just calling Sprint and asking for it, which is what Jenn did. I've been able to get mine through a web chat in the past. And if you don't have luck with the first person you ask, just politely end the conversation and try again. Asking nicely can often get you very far.

Once you have your MSL, the steps are similar to the EVO 4G method, but the menus look a little different.

Msl 1. On your phone dialer, enter ##3282# (that's ##DATA#).

2. Press Edit Mode.

3. Enter your unique MSL code as your password.

4. Press Advanced.

5. Scroll to the bottom and press RTSP/HTTP Setting.

6. Press HTTP proxy IP, replace what is there with, and hit OK.

7. Press HTTP proxy port, replace what is there with 0, and hit OK.

Remember to write down your original settings in case you ever need to revert back to them (they're shown above in case you lose them).

Some people over at XDA have also recommended clearing the RTSP proxy IP and port using the same method above. I have not personally noticed a difference after completing this additional step, but you can try it to see if it helps.

How is this tweak working out for you? Have you noticed faster 3G speeds?

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