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How to get your Dell Streak 7 unlocked for free with a quick email

Unlocked-streak-7 We here at StreakSmart have covered a few ways to get unlock codes from Dell, from calling their customer support or using the super simple Dell Streak Unlocker software to get the job done. However, there hasn't really been a quick and simple way to unlock the Dell Streak 7 other than emailing the kind folks at UnlockStreak and receiving an unlock code in 1-3 business days for the price of $50.

Luckily for cheap Streak 7 owners like me, member m0bi1e on the xda-developers forum has discovered an even simpler way to get your tablet unlocked very quickly – and for free!

M0bi1e was able to tap out an email to [email protected] asking to unlock a work device along with a Streak 7, and within a few hours, he received an unlock code. It really is that simple!

All you have to do is send out an email including your service tag and IMEI, which is found on the flip-down side door on your Streak 7 (you know, the one where you put in SIM cards and SD cards) and you should be able to enter your unlock code within a few hours.

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Alex Winzenread is a former editor at StreakSmart, which was merged into Pocketables in 2012. He has been writing in creative writing competitions since 2009 and has always been writing for leisure. In October 2010, he got his first smartphone and was instantly smitten. His hacking and modding obsession had officially begun.

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