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HTC EVO 3D goes live on Radio Shack website

Evo-3d-rs-siteA few weeks ago, the first of several leaked Radio Shack ads not-so-subtly hinted that would be a good URL to bookmark. The page was mentioned again in the store flyer that should be in tomorrow's Sunday newspaper, so it's really only a handful of hours ahead of schedule that the site has gone live.

The new page is titled "EVO 3D Pre Order" and displays what you're squinting at to the right (click to view larger version or just look below). There's no price or release date info, even though the Shack is already responsible for leaking both ($199.99/$499.99 on June 24th), but there is confirmation of that free Black Eyed Peas song—the one we first saw here—and of course a free copy of The Green Hornet 3D "while supplies last."

Clicking the "Experience Now" button on the page will bring up a window with some device demos, general how-to information, and feature overviews.


[Radio Shack] Thanks, Abraham V!

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6 thoughts on “HTC EVO 3D goes live on Radio Shack website

  • Has anyone seen the actual print ad that should be oit today? Is it the same as the leaked one that had the pricing on it? If its different, I don’t think we should necessarily rely on the price or date of either of the leaked ads.

  • Nevermind, got my ads mixed up it was the very first one that had the prices, its the same one as the ad that was leaked

  • So does today ad that says preorder actually say June 24th is the release date? How can they state that when Sprint said they still don’t know. HTC told me today the phones have a;ready been shipped to Sprint but I don’t know if that’s true or not..

  • Avatar of Charles S

    I love it how they say “While Supplies Last”…

    What…are they going to run out of digital copy??? hahah

    I confirmed with a Sprint manager yesterday, who I have done business with for several years, that the release date is June 24th. Take it or leave it, she has never been wrong, and would not have told me a date unless it was something solid. Got my pre-order in already, and I’ll be in line that day…early.

  • I have a question that I’d like to ask all of you as I search for advice.

    I have a Palm Pre that I will be giving up for my already pre-ordered at Radio Shack Evo 3D. I also just threw my Palm Pre out, resulting in water damage that would be upwards of 100 dollars deductible to get fixed. I need a phone until the Evo comes out and I will not pay to get my Pre fixed. I was looking at getting the Evo 4G at Radio Shack with my upgrade and then returning it within 30 days as per their policy for returns (although it may be a risk without an official launch date). Now with this trade-in policy, wouldn’t I be protected for the same amount as using my upgrade (I’m two year eligible) by trading the phone in? Or am I actually out more money if the release date isn’t the 24th and not within 30 days of getting a Evo 4G? What would you do in my situation? Go prepaid for a couple of weeks?

  • Look online (Craigslist/Ebay)and get yourself a phone you can use temporarily, some cheapie that can at least get you buy until June 24th. You’ll prob spend $40-50 on it, but that way you’ll have a “back up” phone for any other time that you can use in the future for those interim periods, if you ever have one again.

    Don’t waste your upgrade, since even if they will tell you that you have 30 days, there are always snags so I wouldn’t risk it.


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