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HTC EVO 3D now on Amazon: $179.99 with contract, $469.99 without


With Sprint, Best Buy, Radio Shack, Target, and Wirefly all putting up their best offers to try to entice potential customers to purchase the HTC EVO 3D from their establishments, most people have undoubtedly been waiting for Amazon to show its hand.

It's by no means a royal flush, but a $20-$30 savings off many of its competitors' prices is a solid full house. Like Wirefly, Amazon's new contract and eligible upgrade cost of the phone is $179.99—a respectable $20 off the standard $199.99 that most other stores are advertising. Where Amazon has everyone beat is in its price for the off-contract phone (you know, the kind you could win from G&E). While the competition lists the full cost at $499.99 or $599.99, the uber-retailer will let you have it for $469.99.

Amazon-evo-3d-contract Amazon-evo-3d-off-contract

It may not be as big of a discount as many were hoping to see from Amazon, but it's the lowest price (that doesn't involve a trade-in) we've seen so far. And you know they'll end up selling it for less than that eventually; they first put up the EVO 4G for $99.99 in October 2010, five months after the phone's release, so don't be surprised to see the EVO 3D drop down to a similar level—even if only for a limited time—before the year is up.

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16 thoughts on “HTC EVO 3D now on Amazon: $179.99 with contract, $469.99 without

  • Just remember that if you have a bank of america account and have the add it up program, which is free, you will get back $50 on top of the $179.99 price which makes it $129.99 on wirefly. Of course if you don’t have the add it up program its just easier to use amazon plus I trust amazon more than wirefly.

  • Why doesn’t goodandevo sell the phone? Maybe an idea you folks are missing out on. Love your website by the way!

  • I’m wanting this phone more and more with every new G&E post. This is probably a bad idea but it would be cheaper to cancel my contract and pay the early termination fee and pick up this phone on Amazon with a new two year agreement than to buy off contract!

  • Thanks for the info Jaz.

    While Wirefly adds a $18 setup fee, they are also offering for a limited time 300 BONUS ANYTIME MINUTES on it’s 450 minute everything data plan.

    Amazon does not add a setup fee (to upgrades), but is not offering the bonus minutes.

    I had preordered through Radio Shack, but will cancel that (and be stuck with the $50 gift card), but Wirefly is the best deal by far to date.

  • Buying with Wirefly. On the Evo 4G Sprint waived the set up fee. Hope lightning strikes twice!

  • I can’t wait to get this phone. But hopefully I can win it from G&E! My EVO 4G is getting on my nerves, lagging out. And I’m running out of space for apps. The 4 gigs of internal on the 3D EVO will be a nice thing, although 8gigs would be better.

  • The amazon product description states 32 GB of internal storage. Is that true? Other sites say 4GB.

  • Avatar of Evobluballs

    When I go to wirefly and amazon to try to preorder their check status on upgrade says I can’t till 5/2012.
    On my evo when I do the text number it says I can upgrade. Is anyone else having trouble with this?
    Hope to win the Evo 3d if I can’t get a preorder one. Lol if not I can wait till next year when the next big thing comes out ;)

  • If you call Account Services they will add the 300 bonus minutes to your account for resigning. I had them on the phone about something else and mentioned this and they said if people on the 450 minute plan ask for it they are adding it.

  • @Evobluballs
    Just call wirefly on the phone and they will access the upgrade part of your account and it should work. If your having issues with that then I recommend you go with amazon as someone already said they don’t charge the $18 fee. Plus they are much easier to work with.

  • I was just on the Sprint site; they are offering the same extra bonus anytime minutes.

  • Thx for the heads up Jaz! I just enrolled in the Add it Up program after reading your post! :)

  • it is because those websites base upgrades on the 2 year discount, not the 1 year discount. amazon is backordered alreadly, estimated delivery is july 1st. i am gonna stick with my sprint store preorder but will try to get the premier order access on the 21st, if they don’t sell out.

  • 4gb internal up to 32gb expandable micro slot.

  • Avatar of ralpht1965

    I actually ordered my EVO 4G from Wirefly a year ago and was extremely happy with them. My EVO, with the same case that’s still on it as I type this, was $207.00 out the door with no activation fee. I did have to wait almost three weeks because they were on back order but that happened everywhere at the time and Wirefly even upgraded the shipping to next day for free because of the delay even though they had no control over the availability of the phone. I just may order the 3d from them because of the great service j was given.

  • Avatar of james braselton

    hi there yeah got a 3d lg thrill last year i hope more phone companies and phone providers both regulaure contract or pre paid increase 3d phones i like watching 3d movies 3d youtube 3d internet on my 3d phone


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