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HTC EVO 3D running AOSP Gingerbread in Vodafone video [Update: Nope, still Sense]

Vodafone-evo-3d-aosp One of the European carriers that will be selling the HTC EVO 3D next month is Vodafone, who already has a "coming soon" page set up that highlights some of the dual-core's phones best specs. Chief among them is "the newest version of HTC Sense, with features like the customisable active lockscreen that lets you jump to your favourite applications in one step."

Sense 3.0 is obviously an integral part of the experience, and it is most certainly shipping on all EVO 3Ds, but I guess it wasn't loaded onto the phone when Vodafone shot its promo video. Because throughout the roughly 2-minute clip, the phone is clearly and unmistakenly shown to be running AOSP Gingerbread. That's stock vanilla Android with no traces of HTC Sense on board!

It's just an unfortunate error, of course, and doesn't mean that Android purists can fly to the UK to pick up a Sense-less variant, but until the phone is fully rooted, watching the video below is the only way you'll get to see AOSP on the new EVO.

Update: Nothing to see here, folks! As pointed out in the comments, that's just a third-party launcher shown in the video. It's still strange for Vodafone to not show a completely stock EVO 3D, but it's definitely not AOSP. I told you it was an unfortunate error; I just didn't know the error was mine!  ;-D

Thanks, Brodie!

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