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HTC EVO 3D user guide now available for your perusal


If you're a manual-reading sort of person and want to get a head start on digging into the HTC EVO 3D's 315-page user guide, then head on over to Sprint and download the 3.75MB PDF now.

You won't find out anything new, especially since Radio Shack already showed us how to turn 3D on and off, but while less informed folks are struggling to pop off the battery cover, looking for the microSD card slot, and figuring out how to rearrange the home screens in thumbnail view, you'll already be enjoying your new phone.

[EVO 3D user guide @ Sprint]
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14 thoughts on “HTC EVO 3D user guide now available for your perusal

  • “Your device is equipped with a 2 GB microSD
    (Secure Digital) memory card that allows you to store
    images, videos, music, documents, and voice data on
    your device.”

    2gb? I thought is was supposed to be 8GB

  • Everything about this phone was a lie! Just run MikG rom v1.4 on ur evo and theres no need to get this slightly upgraded phone with many more downgrades… Wait for a true EVO 2! :-)

  • The battery cover is flexible and you can’t remove it with the USB cable plugged in… two points I found interesting.

  • Probably an outdated print. All of the unboxing videos showed an 8 gb card.

  • the 8gb sd card is no longer on the spec list on Sprint’s site… so who know’s… that is a big deal if it is the case… there’s sure lot of changes (lying) being made…

  • lol… okay.. deep breath…balls relaxed and swingin freely… your 3D? damn you!… I never get geeky over crap but for some reason I’m freaking out over here! I played with it at E3 and got hooked and now it’s making me crazy… maybe I should just go to bed :)

  • relax, were you really going to use the 8gb card?

    If and when I pick mine up, a 32 gb card is going in that baby.

  • i won’t be able to get it on friday cuz i’ll be out of town, but i’ll get the evo 3d as soon as i can. can’t wait to have that thing. 1.2 dual core, 1 gig ram (that’s quite a bit), glassesless 3d, coo software.

    the ram is pretty crazy. 1 gig on a 4 year old imac where i got my summer job can run photoshop, illustrator, gimp, mail, firefox, and acrobat all at once. of course, it’s laggy as hell, but i’m not going to be doing that on my evo.

  • Maybe my fingers are fat, but typing on the 3D after typing on the 4G seems tedious and is going to take some getting used to (even with flext9). The 4G seems like Texas compared to the snappier 3D.

  • How do you already have one?

  • Oh really cause I use Flex T9 now on my EVO and like it alot.

  • Avatar of FRANCIS YEBOAH

    You are just deceiving the public with the user manual which not available.


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