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HTC EVO 4G falls to $50 at Best Buy, $150 at Sprint


Now that the HTC EVO 3D's price has been officially confirmed to be $199.99, the original EVO 4G obviously can't continue to be sold for that figure too. Sure, it's been on sale here and there for less than $100 during the past year, but it's only now that its successor has been priced that the first-gen EVO is getting a permanent price cut.

Sprint has cut the cost by $50 so that any new customer who simply can't wait until the 24th for the second-gen EVO (third-gen if you count the EVO Shift, which I don't) can buy the year-old phone for $149.99 with new service or eligible upgrade. Best Buy has even better deal, offering the phone for just $49.99 with new two-year contract.


While it seems insane to think that anyone would buy an "old" phone when a brand new one is just weeks away from release, we need to remember that not everyone is interested in having the latest and greatest. $50 is also an incredible deal for an awesome phone that ships with Android 2.3 and already has an immense following and active community.

[Best Buy | Sprint] Thanks, Brita!

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9 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G falls to $50 at Best Buy, $150 at Sprint

  • Any word about this being good for an upgrade price with 2-yr extension for those who are eligible??

    Just wondering.

  • My Dad just went to Best Buy today and got it for $99 with a 2-year renewal.

  • Avatar of AndroidATX

    I want this phone but I may hold on to my EVO a bit longer. I love this phone.

  • Avatar of bradleyw801

    I completely agree, my Evo has been so amazing, and I have tailored it to exactly what I want in a phone. If the 3D has a lot of support from the development community, then great, but even then, all the things I love in my Evo now took several months to get, example, Wimax in an AOSP rom, bluetooth HID from an AOSP rom, HDMI mirroring.

    If the 3D has development, then great. The bluetooth HID is a big deal for me. And, as much as some might think it’s a small deal, the kickstand is a big deal, and I don’t want another case!
    Decisions… Decisions….

  • Well said, bradleyw801: After a year, my EVO is tweaked and styled to meet my needs more than any device I’ve ever owned. I can’t just abandon it now that something new is coming out. I’ve gotten used to a certain lifestyle with this phone thanks to HTC, the dev community (love to XDA) and even Sprint (with its unlimited data plans). My next phone needs to have a similar potential for greatness.

  • they might of done too good of ajob with the orig evo, its a great phone , just because 3d is out now , who wants to get all dizzy anyways .. there cant be mych more to the new 3devo,that the og cant do .

  • What I want to know is the 3D built as well as the 4G? The “Shift” is not.

  • Thank you for letting me know about this! I just got one for my wife this morning at the local BB. Dropping her other prepaid plan with Virgin and joining into 1 family plan. She’ll be very happy!


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