iPad App Store hits 100,000 apps

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As of sometime yesterday or today, there are now 100,000 apps fpr the iPad in the APp Store. That doesn’t include iPhone apps, so 100,000 just for the tablet. That’s quite an impressive number and likely more than the rest of the tablet world combined at this point, but of course that number doesn’t say anything about how many good apps there are. I doubt you’d count more than a few thousand if you were to narrow the search down to apps that have been downloaded more than X times and don’t make you facepalm when you see the functionality (e.g. farting apps), but the truth is that the iPad also have more quality apps than the others. It’s worth noting though that this is the US App Store- the Norwegian one for instance has “only” 97973.

With the release of the HP TouchPad tomorrow which is launching with an app store of only 300 apps, some platforms definitely has more catching up to do than the rest. The big question however is how many different platforms we’ll have by the time they’re all equally matched in apps.


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Andreas Ødegård

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