Motorola Xoom finally gets a working microSD slot with new update

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The Xoom is no doubt going to go down in history as one of the biggest jokes of the tablet era. In a desperate effort to get the tablet out to market before everyone else, it ended up shipping with a missing 4G modem that had to be put on later by sending it in as well as a microSD slot that didn’t work at all “until an update was performed”. Hackers made the slot work rather quickly, but no official update to fix the microSD slot has been available- until now. The downside? Doesn’t include US Xooms. That’s right, the update is part of the Android 3.1 rollout for European Xooms, and the US has already gotten this update without the issue being fixed.

Motorola’s behavior with regards to the Xoom can be described as nothing else but amateurish, and I have to question whether they have any future in the tablet business after the Xoom. By now we have identical or better tablets that cost 2/3 as much and offer more features, with the Xoom still not delivering features that it promised on release, 4 months ago on Friday. Our own Android writer swore off Android after using the Xoom, and you can’t really blame him. At least those that stuck with the Xoom can now get one more feature…unless they’re in the US.


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