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The new ereader from Barnes & Noble has just been reviewed by the folks over at Engadget, and they came away mighty impressed. Basically everything from the build and materials quality, to the refresh rate has been improved from the original, and even surpassing the current Kindle. The new (for Nook) Pearl e-ink display is exceptional, while the reading experience is tops among ereaders. The new device isn’t quite as thin as the Kindle, but is lighter and much easier to use. They do report a little delay with the infra red touch functionality from the home screen as well as the highlighting and note taking features though. So, it still isn’t a perfect device, but is the best available if you like that smooth, book-like experience. Personally, I feel that the Nook lineup is the best available from a reading experience. B & N gives you anything the Kindle offers while adding library and ePub support (which the Kindle doesn’t have). Hit the link for the full review.

image: Engadget

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