"Nope" says HTC to Sensation 4G's Antennagate issue


Just this past Monday, I reported on a story about how the HTC Sensation 4G had a similar issue to the iPhone 4. That was according to an unknown hardware tester, but the tests seemed pretty accurate. 

But now, HTC is refuting that claim. Basically, they're "pulling an Apple" and saying that every single phone in the world has slight issues with the antennae when a palm is pressed against the device. Sound familiar? Anyway, us geeks know this to be true. It's just that the earlier report allegedly pushed it out of proportion, and HTC wants us to know that all will be okay when the device launches a little later this month.

Here's the official word from HTC:

Every phone experiences a slight variation in signal strength when the antenna is covered in its entirety by a palm and/or fingers. However, under normal circumstances this does not affect the performance of the phone.

So there you have it. Everything's fine. 

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Calob Horton

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2 thoughts on “"Nope" says HTC to Sensation 4G's Antennagate issue

  • Every phone does exhibit signal attenuation from your hands depending on how you hold it… the question I have is, “is it as bad as the iPhone 4?”

    My MT4G loses a bar or two of 3G signal when I flip it sideways and use it in landscape mode. As long as the attenuation is no worse, I have no problems.

  • Yes, it’s a huge problem. It’s not just a signal drop. It is a total loss of wifi. I can be 2′ from my wifi router and if i hold in landscape or hold at bottom with my fingers running up the back the wifi signal drops out completely. It also doesn’t reconnect right away, I have had to do it manually.


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