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OtterBox Defender case for HTC EVO 3D outed by eBay

Otterbox-defender-evo-3d-back Do a search for HTC EVO 3D cases on OtterBox's website right now, and you'll come up with nothing but an apology that "no products were found for your search." But don't worry.

The company's current selection of cases for the EVO 4G and EVO Shift 4G could be seen as evidence that various types of protection for the newest phone to bear the EVO name are on the way. Even more incriminating, however, is the active eBay listing from seller arealnut10 for a brand new, authentic OtterBox Defender Series case for the EVO 3D.

That's it over there on the right, complete with thick plastic belt clip and what appears to be a metal covering for the dual cameras. There are also those trademark silicone port plugs, grippy back texture, and of course the large logo.

Since OtterBox hasn't added any EVO 3D cases to its website yet, there's no way to confirm the retail price, but arealnut10 is selling it for a very specific $46.59 with expedited shipping included for free. The list price for the EVO 4G's Defender case is $49.95, so it would seem that despite his/her name, arealnut10 isn't doing any crazy price-gouging.



There are more than 10 cases available, so there's no need to trample over anyone to secure some rugged protection for the phone you don't have yet.

[eBay] Thanks, josh!

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24 thoughts on “OtterBox Defender case for HTC EVO 3D outed by eBay

  • Thanks Jenn!!! Man this site is AWESOME… like I said before, all new evo’s should come with a sticker on box and phone that reads “visit for latest and greatest info and updates for your device!”

  • Please let us know when you find a Otterbox Commuter case.

  • I wouldn’t buy this guys. Kevvykev over at androidcentral emailed otterbox the link and asked if it was legit and here is the response:

    “That is not possible as we are not even able to start formulating a design on the case until the device is released. We do not get them ahead of time. DO NOT purchase this product as most likely it will not fit.

    Thank You,

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    Amanda Warteman
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    We’ve Got Technology Covered”

  • DJblue

    If these cases were not legit OtterBox would be knocking at my door right now, they have a team of people that all they do is look for counterfeit items bearing the OtterBox name and have a legal team ready to take action.I sell hundreds on top of hundreds of OtterBox products.These cases are real


  • @arealnut

    Most companies do have a counterfeit team, but that doesn’t mean they all search every corner for someone selling counterfeits. I would like believe these were real but there isn’t much proof that these are legit, especially with only 2 pictures.

  • Djblue

    You think I would be this stupid to have these that say Real Authentic if it were not true? At the end of the day all I know is OtterBox sold them and I have an invoice, other than that I dont need to prove anything to anyone. As far as the team to look for counterfeit items, in your previous post you said that a link of the listing was emailed to OtterBox so why would they need to look at any corner when they have the link?.

  • Lol no reason to get mad dude. I never said that it was fake I simply warned others by posting the email response someone else got. Since you have an invoice post a picture of that. You honestly do need proof. You are selling a product that isn’t even mentioned on the companies website. I’m not saying it’s fake but it is pretty sketchy

  • Avatar of cmatherly


    I see that you just ran out of stock on ebay.
    Are you planning on getting any more.
    Just called Otter and they said they had not yet decided to make a case for the evo 3d and it would be about 4 months before we saw one. I honestly don’t care if it’s genuine otter as long as it fits.

  • You are getting ripped off it is is fake though. The fake cases are sold for like around $3-10 on wholesale and probably break easily because they are made of cheaper material. Then since they aren’t legit you can’t receive a replacement. These cases aren’t made to look good they are made to protect so buying a fake one is as smart as buying a silicone case and expecting it to protect your phone from breaking when being ran over by a car. If you really don’t care go ahead, but I really don’t reccomend it.

  • I doubt he ran out of stock most likely a cease and desist from Otterbox. Haha that guy’s a nut

  • Wow. Jenn really steered us wrong on this one… all signs point to counterfeit. SOB.

  • Man, I’m beginning to question my damn evo 4G case Jenn referred me to that I been using all year now??? is it fake too???

  • Yes, and that “EVO” you’re using is fake too. ;-P

    I’ve reached out to my long-time OtterBox contact to find out what’s going on. Will update this post when I hear anything definitive. I know that others have already received emails from them about this but I’d like confirmation from my contact first, as we’ve worked together for a while and would definitely know what’s up.

  • The cases are authentic. I have an official statement from OtterBox that I’ll post in a bit.

  • Great, I’d definitely like to see may have to get one if this is true. One question though, if they are legit why were they taken off of ebay?

  • hows that humble pie taste Djblue?

  • Avatar of arealnut10

    I told you guys they were real.

  • Avatar of arealnut10

    Guess you are the stupid one uh djblue??

  • Best buy is selling them. They offered me one with my pre order when they scheduled a pick up time for friday.


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